Jakob Hamzha Singleton

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jakob Hamzha Singleton

Alias: The smuggler

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Notable Traits: Initiated, Blessed

Society: None

Clan: Followers of Set: Serpent of the Light

Pack: Les bâtards du régent Ductus



          1827 To an English father and Egyptian Coptic Christian mother.
          1848 Attended various schools in Egypt eventually earning his papers in business and industry.
          1849 Began work for a joint shipping venture between the Governments of Britain and Egypt.
          1855 Eventually pulls together enough personal resources, including through embezzlement, to start his own shipping/smuggling operation.
     1861-1864 Supplies Egyptian cotton to both sides of the American Civil War.This nets him a significant amount of wealth.
          1869 Attended the opening of the Suez Canal as it heralded a great boon for the cartage business in Alexandria Egypt.
          1875 One of his less legal transports elects to embrace Jakob in the Temple of Alexandria Egypt.
          1879 Assists with transport of men and materials for the Egyptian Nationalist Movement revolt.
          1880 Haunts various port cities throughout the region.
     1890-1960 Expands operations to include the Caribbean region particularly Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
          1960 First hears details of the Code of Milan and agrees completely with the doctrine and goals of the Sabbat.
          1960 Becomes one of the first Serpents of the Light converted, as he joins the Sabbat Sect and is initiated, forsaking his past affiliations and even his clan.
          1965 Moves the entire smuggling operation to Houston and begins entrenching himself there. 
     1965-1980 Spends the next fifteen years plying his trade, once again moving men and material, only now in service to furthering the Sects goals and conflicts around the country.
          1981 Takes a brief absence to take care of a bit of "personal business".
          1982 Returns but refuses to speak in anything beyond the vaguest terms as to what he has been doing for a year
     1982-1999 Resumes again moving men and material in service to furthering the Sects goals and conflicts around the country.
          1999 Seeing the upheaval and discord overtaking the world, Jakob goes to ground and lays low just weathering the storm.
     2000-2012 Redoubles his efforts aiding in Sect operations including the transportation of recruits to locations as needed by the Sect.
          2012 Attended the signing of the Chicago Blood Accords.
     2012-2017 Returns from Chicago and redoubles efforts in preparing for eventual breaches of the accords and the eventual expiration of said accords.


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  • Said to have removed the hearts of many of the mortals that have fallen before him.
  • Has an extensive collection of colonial firearms from the mideast and Africa
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