James 'Puppy Love' Smith

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Deed Name:Puppy Love
Sept:No Sept
Pack:Looking for Pack
Camp:Road Warders
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OOC Information
Player:Steven H.
Player Email:sethmesemail@gmail.com
Storyteller:Kerri H.
Storyteller Email:mesmaconvsgarou@gmail.com
Location:Macon, GA

A little bit about Jimmy

James 'Jimmy' 'Puppy Love' Smith, born 1888 to a wolf somewhere in 'South Dakota'. First change 1890, Jimmy received his deed-name for defending and saving the younger Cubs while the Den parent faced another threat. Jimmy has traveled around and is a Galliard Lupus in the Road Warders camp. He enjoys travel, telling stories and using stories, both fact and legend, to help guide the new generations of Cubs. Jimmy has many children scattered through the country, taking his 'duty' to Gaia very seriously. Jimmy is close with all of his children and cares for them all whenever they need him.

Public Timeline

  • 1888 Jimmy was born somewhere in South Dakota
  • 1890 Jimmy experienced his first change

(more to come)

Connections and Accomplices


  • Rumor me!
  • Rumor me!
  • Rumor me!