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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: James Abney (known mortal identity)

Notable Traits: mostly bald; heavily built & muscular, numerous decorative tattoos; serious facial disfigurement

Society: Board of Directors, Iron Triangle Distributors, Ltd.

Position: Chief Production Officer (CPO)


Born in 1969, James Abney was raised in a hog farming family in Osceola County, Iowa in the 1970s. In the mid-1990s, he left the family farm to be run by his brothers and joined with silent partner investors to start a new hog breeding enterprise in southern Indiana. This work proceeded well, and he was able to acquire breeding stock from several good breeds. He is credited as the originator of the new Hoosier Hickory and Hoosier Gray hog breeds, each renowned for the quality of their meat and remarkable resistance to disease. His career has taken a financial upturn since 2011, when he started the sole proprietorship that eventually became Hogtown's Best, Inc. He joined the Board of Directors of Iron Trangle Distributors, Ltd. in 2015.



  • Abney was mauled by hungry hogs as a kid.
  • He left Osceola County to escape an abusive family.
  • He took the best hog breeding knowledge Osceola County had to offer, and made it count for himself in Indiana.
  • Rumor here.


By James Abney

  • "Choosing my career was easy as pie. When it comes to hogs, I get my revenge every fuckin' day I get up and go to work." chuckle
  • "Seriously. If Beef is the Heart of America, then Pork is its Stomach. And between the two, in this world, the Stomach always wins."

About James Abney

  • "I don't trust him when he says hogs did that to him. He says it like it's an inside joke or something."

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