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James is young, and rather bland as far as the Brujah of Austin go. He tends to be quiet, looming in the background, often at the backs of his Primogen or the Seneschal of the city. In the past, he’s been known to support space exploration, net neutrality, freedom of information and “Naked Ghoul Fight Night”.

On several occasions, both Karma and Payback have stood up to others for him, and encouraged him to take control of situations better. Especially where his specializations in security and electronic information are concerned.

Clan: Brujah
Titles:Brujah Clan Whip of Austin
Real Name:
Apparent age:
Fleeting Status:
Favored by Ezra of the Vanguard
Loyal by Olaf Magnusson
Loyal by Karma


Its Complicated:

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James dresses for comfort and movement. He’s found in a utility kilt many nights, and wears either a china collar or fishing shirt. James has a goatee-spade bead and short brown hair.

His words:

  • “Brujah of Austin are like what happens when Monty Python has grudge sex with an underground MMO death match.”
  • “Karma, what my ghoul does with my taint is none of your business!”
  • “Fuck, that hurts”

By Others:

  • "Add your Own Quote here" - Name


  • James is somehow cursed.
  • He’s more involved with computers than people.


  • Shiny Toy Guns – Major Tom
  • SRV – Texas Flood
  • Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover


James Eaton

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Robert B
VST: Daniel Briscoe

Player: Robert B.
MES Number: US2018010040
Location: Austin, TX