James LaCoix

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:James Nikolai André LaCoix
Notable Traits:Wyld Affinity, Legendary Lineage (Sabine), Appearance Focus
Pack:The Menagerie
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
Tribe:Silver Fang
Sept:Puerto Rico
OOC Information
Player Email:tellmeaboutyourcharacter@gmail.com
Storyteller:Eddie Sanchez.
Storyteller Email:mes-virtual-apoc-staff@googlegroups.com
Location:Nixa, MO



As a human...

Quite reminiscent of his much more famous mother (Queen Sabine LaCoix), the only major difference is that he's a bit taller than her, rather than her short stature he seems to inherit his fathers height at six foot. Typically dressed in a newsboy hat, dress shirt, tan or leather jacket, blue jeans and black jump boots, he carries with him the klaive Kirkos Crushing Talon which belonged to a long dead Silver Fang Elder. He smiles often and is quite willing to make friends quickly.

As a wolf...

Is smaller, yet lither and quicker looking than many Silver Fang Wolves, he is an all white wolf and frankly rather beautiful to behold. His fur seems to be well cared for and there is deep wisdom in those wolfish eyes.

As a Crinos...

A rarely viewed visage, James LaCoix is a murderous beast in Crinos, with rippling muscles under his white furred wolfman body, he seems rather disdainful at even having to hold such a terrible form and lifts Kirkos Crushing Talon on high as he wades into battle.


Connections and Accomplices

Aron LaCoix - His brother
Ian LaCoix - His Great Uncle
Sigrid Halvtrol - Distant Cousin

Public Timeline

  • 1989 - Born, the younger son of Sabine LaCoix
  • 1997 - Is Fostered in the same house as Kat and Aleks
  • 1998 - Goes to Africa for the first time, meets Ora, will go to Africa every other year
  • 2006 - Aleks having shifted the year before joins the Black Fury which breaks James heart, setting him on a road of self destructive behavior revolving around mostly bad relationships and one night stands
  • 2007 - James starts college, RUSH’s with Fang and Talon a co-ed Garou/Fera/Kinfolk Fraternity
  • 2009 - Is seduced by a vampire, is rescued by Anankae (later called Kallista played by Cassandra Hunkins) stays in contact with her
  • 2010 - James changes, his denmother is YiaYia who beats his womanizing ways out of him and creates in him a new person, a year later he'll complete his Rite of Passage and join the Silver Fang.
  • 2011 - James helps form the pack known as The Menagerie.
  • 2016 - James refuses to give the Bite to his brother citing familial responsibility.
  • 2016 - Becomes an Athro when he discovers Kirkos Crushing Talon, a Klaive belonging to a long dead and famous Silver Fang Elder


  • James is the secret love child of Sabine and a Shadow Lord kinfolk.
  • James has fifty children, none of them are daughters much to his cousin Ora's chagrin.
  • James has been known to punch Nazis on a regular basis.
  • Before his First Change, James was a total bro.

Quotes By And About James...

  • "I mean...yeah...she(Sabine) is my mother, but it's not like I spent much time around her growing up, she sort of had a Nation to save."
  • "James is a young man i am grateful was born to the family. When i look to him i know that the future of the Garou Nation is in good hands. We need a dozen more just like him. I hope he has many many children!" - Ian MacAllan
  • "James LaCoix is his own Garou, and one whose reputation has been earned by his own mind, his own heart, his own tongue, and his own claws and klaive. Drawing comparisons between he and his mother is a fool's game, when the true question is, does he serve Gaia as any Silver Fang should - with nobility, excellence, and courage? If that is so, and I believe that it is, then you have learned more about James LaCoix than you will discover by knowing the tales of his mother. Given time in the light his own legend will bloom into vibrancy; the heroes of the Silver Fangs have never blossomed in the shadows." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "'Sings-in-Chorus' handled himself well as Talesinger at the Concolation, and carries himself with dignity befitting his heritage. His enemies are everywhere however, and his pace sometimes exceeds his step. I think things will get much harder for him before they improve." - Duskcaller
  • "Perhaps someday, when the animosities have long subsided, we can partake of salt, bread, and water again and together craft the stories of our family." - Morena's Lament
  • "I had the honor of raising this cub up to a proper Garou. He learned his lessons well; you should have seen him at the time of his First Change. If it wasn't for me, it would be popped collars and misogyny all the way down, and that's a fact. He's grown to be a good man and a good Silver Fang, though, and he makes a point to keep on learning now. I'd like to believe I taught him that." - Yiayia