Jan Marek

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Information Known by the Kindred

Name: Jan Marek, the Twice Dead

Apparent Age: Late 20's, early 30's

Notable Traits: North-Eastern European appearance. Often wears a black Punisher shirt. Physically fit.

Clan: Brujah

Society: Unaligned, former Anarch


Jan Marek is an nomadic mercenary Brujah searching for a purpose for his unlife.

Born in 1973, he came from Warsaw, Poland during the Soviet era. Once communism was replaced with democracy he joined the military in 1990 and completed OTC in '91 for GROM. At that point his activities were generally clandestine.

Iraq Coalition Recon in Afghanistan 2001, embraced 2001 on a battlefield in Afghanistan

Emmigrated to SLC shortly after his embrace.

Just a rebel, looking for a cause...



  • Supposedly, he was killed by an Assamite before his embrace
  • The Anarch movement is not enough Anarchy for him.

OOC Information

Player: Mike Elledge

Location: Salt Lake City, UT