Jan Van Aken

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jan Van Aken

Notable Traits: Always wears multiple amulets depicting snakes. Soft-spoken, with a faint Dutch accent.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Titles: NA


As a Neonate, Jan traveled to Boston to warn the Tremere of an impending disaster, but arrived just in time to watch the Chantry burn. He's recently departed for parts unknown (but probably California).


He used to be a Malkavian Ghoul.

He is somehow unaware that the Malkavians are insane.

He keeps a Diary, and it's protected by some unusually vicious Thaumaturgical safeguards.


"Everything burns." -- Jan

"He's good. Very good..." -- Jan (on Zebulon's prophetic scrawlings)

"Words words words, terrible words." -- Visible Name

OOC Information

This character is currently shelved and unlikely to see play again.

Player: Peter Gieg

Player Email: petergieg@hotmail.com

Storyteller: Graham R.

Storyteller Email: st.masq.nhma@gmail.com

Location: Boston, MA.