Janetta Van Vuuren

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Janetta Van Vuuren
Janetta dressed for a rite

Deed Name: "They Were Already Carrion"

Tribe: Ajaba

Auspice: Dusk (Ragabash)

Breed: Homid

Rank: Fostern

Pack: TBD

Sept: The Reach (Seattle, WA)

Concept: Wealthy Johannesburg heiress (and later ex-pat). Infiltrator, scout, and smuggler. Investor and patron.

Goals: Seeks information that might help break the Simba curse on the Ajaba. A student of rites and rituals.

Apparent age: 30
Place of birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Date of birth: 1987
Date bitten / First change: 2014
Homeland of Ajaba who bit her: Nigeria. Her kinfolk are mostly Igbo.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian. Dutch / Afrikaner.

Homid Physical Description: When wearing her homid skin, she tends to style her hair in a faux Mohawk, unless she doesn't want to be noticed. She typically wears glasses, and dresses in expensive business suits. But her exact appearance often changes. Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes utterly non-descript. When she wants, she can be unrecognizable. Even male. For rituals, she dresses more like the Ajaba women who trained her.

Hyaenid Physical Description: A striped hyena. See picture.




1984: When Black Lion seized Ngorongoro Crater, and slaughtered many of the Ajaba, the survivors fled to the urban centers of Africa. A pack of homid striped hyenas, originally from Nigeria, fled to Johannesburg, led by Dusk (Ragabash) pack leader Bites With Her Tongue.

1987: Janetta is born in Johannesburg to a white wealthy Afrikaans family. The only child.

2004: Black Lion is defeated. End of the Endless Storm. Pack still unable to return to Nigeria. Curse holds, despite his defeat. Pack focuses more on expanding membership and building roots in Johannesburg, but they long constantly for Igboland and sing many songs of its beauty.

2014 (January): Twenty-seven year old Janetta (now a wealthy heiress/banker) is bitten by member of Ajaba pack. Proves to be one of the Unborn. Undergoes First Change.

2014 (spring): Her Ajaba pack in Johannesburg is visited by Ora James, kin to Kisasi, who was helping to find and re-establish contact with packs that fled Ngorongoro Crater to the farthest urban centers. Janetta admires Ora, and is inspired by her work with caern planting. 

2014 (summer): Several members of the Ajaba pack are eager to see a former member who is now in the United States. They had not considered such a trip feasible until they began to understand the extent of Janetta's resources. She helps them organize a two-month trip to see Paula Danger and they travel with her tour through several US cities.

2014 (fall): The Ajaba pack begins collaborating with Silent Striders on Caern seed shard recovery missions, and other expeditions. Janetta helps with funding, and helps smuggle items out of the African interior, in the lands to which she is not barred by the curse. She meets Kitsune fera activist Kuro "Shadow that Waits" de Masuku in this period.

2015: Fist year in which fera may now join Garou packs. (Of note, striped hyena occasionally pack with wolves in nature, also.) Janetta joins a large mixed pack of Ajaba and Silent Striders, both cursed to be unable to return to their homelands, but able to help recover relics, kinfolk, and information from the others' forbidden ancestral homes. Makes Fostern rank for her contributions. Earns deed name “They Were Already Carrion”.

2016: Janetta, with help from Ora, assists with logistics and financing for an expedition by the Flamekeepers pack to recover the Dark River Caern seed from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She does some reconnaissance into the African interior to help, as well.

2016: Janetta makes a first visit to Seattle to help secure some additional land for the Flamekeepers pack, in preparation for the pack to return with the seed shard. She makes some contacts with some local Garou and fera. She is intrigued by prior Bastet (Bubasti) ‘curse’ rite in Seattle (2010). Is there anything to be learned from it related to Black Lion’s curse? She decides to plan a much longer extended visit to check on the Caern and investigate the Bastet curse further.

2017 (March): Janetta's travel plans will return her to Seattle in the first week of April 2017, not long after the Flamekeepers are expected to arrive with the shard seed (end of March). She has separated from her pack and is hoping to find a pack locally while she is present. She has a kinfolk with her to help give her a much needed anchor to her clan.

2017 (April): Janetta assists with the caern seed planting outside Seattle, emphasizing the connection to the Dark River caern. She brings objects from the Democratic Republic of the Congo emblematic of the four elements to place around the seed at the compass points, and local theurges added objects from the local area, linking the seed's new home to its old. With the support of the mixed community of garou and fera present, she used a version of the Rite of Furrowed Earth translated from Niger-Congo oral traditions.


  • Rumor has it Janetta always carrys around a small nerf gun after being introduced to the game 'Assassin' by a Ragabash from Seattle. This may have turned into a two week long game that covered the greater metro area. No one knows who was victorious.
  • Rumor here.

Quotes About Her

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  • "Definitely vibrates on a different plane. Gets the job done." - Collyn Laskaris

Associates (Both Friend & Foe)

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  • Jorge Montoya - Fellow Ragabash and Spook Colleague. "We met in 2016. He is clever and competent. A good contact. I am looking forward to seeing him again when I return to Seattle." -- Janetta
  • Kuro "Shadow that Waits" de Masuku - Kitsune Activist for Fera Rights. "We met in late 2014, when he traveled through South Africa on his way to connect with the Ahadi. A wise old soul. He opened my eyes to what might be possible." -- Janetta
  • Ora James - Fellow Ajaba and Dusk. "Few things are as precious as family. Ora is like an older sister to me. When she met me, I was not long bitten. Still finding my way. She helped me see what I could become." -- Janetta
  • Paula Danger - Fellow Ajaba and Apex. "I met her on my first trip to the United States. Another mentor and friend. She will tell our tales as long as she breathes, loud and proud, and laughing." -- Janetta
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OOC Information

Character Inspirations

Inspiring Quotes

  • “It's a mutual, joint-stock world, all meridians. We cannibals must help these Christians.” - Herman Melville, Moby Dick
  • "She was a whirling cloud of death, a queen of shadows, and these men were already carrion.” - Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows
  • “Homeland is something one becomes aware of only through its loss." - Gunter Grass
  • “Those born to wealth, and who have the means of gratifying every wish, know not what is the real happiness of life, just as those who have been tossed on the stormy waters of the ocean on a few frail planks can alone realize the blessings of fair weather.” - Alexandre Dumas, Count of Monte Cristo
  • "I am not going to die, I'm going home like a shooting star." - Sojourner Truth


  • Hannibal Lecter (a cultured cannibal, Film & TV)
  • Black Widow (a spy & infiltrator, Film & Comics)
  • Barbara Hutton (a troubled heiress, historical figure)

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OOC Information

Player: Kathy Empson

Player Email: E-mail Me!, or millie.mayne@gmail.com

Storyteller: Peg Brewer

Storyteller Email: Seattle VST

Location: Seattle, WA

DPOTM Approval: 2017-03-WtA-6553-009

High Approval for Ajaba: USA-NW-WA-1703-037513