Janey Burkhart

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jane Burkhart

Clan: Gangrel


  • Initiated as a member of the Sabbat
  • Devout from the Archbishop of Golconda, NV
  • Loyal from Serafino Morreti


White woman, redhead, about 30

Notable Traits

  • Total cowgirl
  • Many guns
  • Great hat

Friends and Associates



Quotes & Rumors

"Pretty sure I ain't never said this before, but I'd really rather not kill this fella." — Jane
"I just STABBED a GHOST." — Jane
Janey's got a gun. Actually, she has about six. On her. Right now.
Jane actually has flaws from three different clans, but fakes at least one more to throw people off.


OOC Information

Soundtrack: Youtube or Google Play
Player: Christina Eater
Storyteller: Erick Quinones
Location: Memento Mori, CA-052-D
Photos: Aleks Dahlberg via Unsplash, Jacob Kiesow via Unsplash

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