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Name: Janos ("John") Kovacs

Clan: Brujah

Generation: Neonate

Sect Affiliation: Camarilla

Apparent Age: Late 40s-Early 50s

Notable Traits: Intolerance towards the Sabbat

Titles and Positions:

Abiding Status:

Acknowledged as a Neonate of the Camarilla

Noble as Brujah Primogen of Hamilton, Ontario

Fleeting Status:

Acclaimed by Harpy John Baxter of Hamilton, Ontario


Janos is over six feet tall, with a broad, strong build, a fine white beard, and bright blue eyes. He prefers to wear blue or black three-piece suits and dress shirts, usually with a patterned tie. Although he carries himself with a quiet confidence, he is not afraid to speak his mind and is prone to violent outbursts. He appreciates the finer things in life and is often seen smoking a cigar.


1935 - Born in Budapest, Hungary to a poor, working class family.

1940 - Enrolled in ballet classes by his family at a young age.

1956 - Lost his father in the Hungarian Revolution when the Soviet army invaded Budapest. He ends up having to take care of his family.

1958 - Accepted into the Hungarian National Ballet.

1962 - Joined the Bolshoi Ballet after receiving an offer after tours around Eastern Europe.

1965 - Accepted an offer of part-time employment from a local crime syndicate in Moscow one night after a performance. He starts as a drug runner and protection money collector.

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1968 - The money from working for the Russian mafia proved to be better than from performing. He quits the Bolshoi and "Janos" ("God is Gracious" in Hungarian) is born.

1968 - Met Anna Volkov at a social function of Moscow's elite. They would fall in love.

1971 - Married Anna.

1972-1980 - Assignments in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe for the Russian mafia. He developed a reputation for his violent, some would say barbaric, methods.


1980 - Abducted somewhere in Eastern Europe by members of the Sabbat, who had Janos on its radar as a new member and is Embraced by a Brujah antitribu.

1980 - Escaped the Sabbat before he was formally inducted into the sect with the help of Amira Kanaan and others. Begins travelling around Europe.

1981 - Met a member of the Camarilla and is taken under Accounting.

1983 - Learned that the Sabbat found and kidnapped Anna. He attempted to rescue her but to no avail. Seemingly having lost her forever, he became even angrier and more violent.

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1985 - Released from his Accounting.

1986-2000 - Throws himself into any violent situation

possible, both for the Camarilla and in working for various crime syndicates.

1993 - Meets The Professor, a Malkavian, while on an assignment in Prague.

2000-Present - Starts building his power and influence within mortal society to further his needs, focusing on the transportation and hospitality industries.

2019 - Moves to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada at the request of Elder Cyrus Eddington. Becomes Brujah Primogen of Hamilton.





By Janos

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By Others

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  • "He is unafraid to get his hands dirty. He knows how to get the job done. And he hates the Sabbat. Maybe he’s not a rebel or iconoclast like many of his clan. But he has an indomitable will. And I sense he’s carrying some sort wound from his past that always pushes him forward. And that is something I can respect." - Cyrus Eddington

  • "You and I remember Prague very differently." - The Professor
  • "From Mother Russia to Montreal always good to have a fellow Brujah at your side. Not to mention the man knows his vodka." - Myrium Oswald


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  • Janos has allegedly worked on behalf of Elder Cyrus Eddington repeatedly in recent years. After all, every spymaster needs a reliable agent (or muscle as the case may be) on the ground.
  • Janos occasionally refers to himself in the third person and no one is quite sure why.
  • Prague holds a very special place in Janos' heart.
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  • Winston (John Wick)

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