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Character Information

Name: January Fairbanks aka Jemma Jackson aka Pikachu

Deed Names: Smooth Operator

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Glass Walker

January came from an upper middle class background, the only daughter of a politician (Byron Sullivan, Glass Walker Ragabash) and a bohemian architect Harper Sullivan. Her paternal grandfather is the Elder Philodox Rian Sullivan “Stands in Darkness”. After years of attending the Kansas City Art Institute for Interactive Arts and Art History, she experienced her fateful first change in March 2017 after being barred from attending a protest.
Thrust into her new life as garou and traumatically torn away from her family, Smooth Operator is infamous for being high energy, playful, gregarious, zany, and a huge fan of Pokémon and Pokémon Go. She used the framework of Pokémon and other video games to make more sense of the Umbra and spirit world. When she saw her first Pokémon spirit, it only encouraged her.

  • As a cub, she participated in several missions in Kansas City and Omaha.
  • She rose to the rank of Cliath in July 2017 by helping a Weaver fiber optics spirit work together with a Wyld sinkhole spirit. She was awarded the deed name Smooth Operator.
  • During the August 2017 eclipse, she helped defend the river access to the caern from vampires.
  • She established a relationship with a baby sinkhole spirit she calls Diglett.
  • January helped the sept in Manhattan, Kansas defend itself from corrupted earth elemental spirits.
  • Smooth Operator closed a Broken Land in Parkville by helping to reconcile two warring spirits parties in October 2017. It may have involved her destroying an observatory.
  • Smooth Operator helped to form the Team Ragnarok pack, dedicated to Snapping Turtle. The pack later changed its name to Infamous! after doubling in size.
  • In December 2017, she helped to close an Umbral Broken Land outside of Kansas City as part of a rank challenge.
  • With her pack, January traveled to Bloomington, Indiana to cleanse and repair an Umbral Broken Land at Lemon Lane in January 2018.
  • Infamous! completed an Umbral quest to stop the Spiral pack led by Taintspoke. Although they were successful, the pack suffered serious consequences.
  • In April 2018, she traveled to Ohio to help the Seven Hills sept combat a rising spirit Incarna but was almost stolen away by a Black Spiral Dancer infiltration pack called Avarice Rising.
  • January was part of a team of five who successfully participated in a Hive dive and cleansing of the old Smithville Lake caern. Her team defeated the caern totem, the Warder, and destroyed the irreparably tainted caern heart which earned them all battle scars.
  • In April 2018, Smooth Operator went to Toronto to challenge Prime Motivator for the rank of Fostern and was part of an epic assault on the Cyber Realm where her skills led her team to victory in interrupting the One Song.
  • January is chosen as the Hero of Storm’s Shelter in late May 2018.
  • She attended the Fianna-Fae wedding with Iakov Sedeyushchiy where she gave a gift of a Jigglypuff doll to the bride and groom and later acted as an official wedding photographer and took a selfie with the Margrave.
  • Smooth Operator was the Maid of Honor for the Polly and Bleeds the Weaver wedding.
  • She returned to Seven Hills to stop the Avarice Rising pack. Stories of the battle report that she marched with an army of electric type Pokémon Spirits.
  • May Cause Bleeding recognized Smooth Operator for helping to restore the realm of Turtle. She is known as a Friend of Rats.
  • She was named both Worthy and Gallant for the Sept of the Joining Waters at the July moot for exceptional storytelling and for being inspirational.
  • Smooth Operator coordinated and deployed a ridiculous amount of influences, backgrounds and contacts to assist with the seeding of the new caern in Cleveland that shut down Pentex subsidiaries for three months.
Edda of Valka.jpeg
  • In August, Pika followed her pack alpha Fenris' Rage to Germany to join the Get of Fenris on a Deep Umbral quest to find out what happened to Valka One-Eye, her alpha's mother. They returned successful and Prime Motivator announced her as a Hero of the Glass Walkers.
  • Along with Unchains the Wyld and a large team of researchers, Jan starts research on the Third City Virus revealed by #HackthePlanet.
  • Smooth Operator initiated Project Ditto and led a small team to trick Malfeas into sending the Third City virus canisters to the wrong Kansas City area site. On November 11, she proved her plan successful when she picked up all three of the canisters. The sept retrieved and additional two backups before Pentex could release it locally. She took four canisters to Des Moines and assisted Sept of Storm’s Shelter with its own November 11th operation. Laughs in the Dark named her the Hero of Joining Waters.
  • She was present when the caern fell at Joining Waters.
  • Smooth Operator was instrumental in establishing the spiritual defenses at the new Sept of the Heartland Star and was solely responsible for coordinating the Umbral defenses for the seed planting in December 2018. She unsuccessfully challenged for Ritemaster of the new sept.
  • Jan was named the King of the Slapdance at the end of the year. Spirits say she had enough stones for all three monikers but that she and others spread the praise around to all, just like the giant sept-wide game of catch the pokeballs that she started.
  • During the 2019 Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse, Smooth Operator helped to close a breach linked to a hatching realm for Nexus Crawlers that was opening. Her group defeated two of the beasts before escaping.
  • In January, Jan set up an awakened Pokémon Go Gym at the Sept of Storm’s Shelter with a team of spirit defenders. She also traveled to the Sept of the Crescent Moon with a group of Silver Fangs to ascertain the fate of Jonas Albrecht.
  • She led an Umbral quest to see the Incarna of Mama Rat to ask for her help cure and stop the Third City Virus.
  • Roger Daly announced that she was a Hero of the Nation in March 2019 when the Cure for the Third City Virus was completed. To celebrate, she went to Disney World.
  • After tracking down a tainted medication back to its source, she led a team that destroyed the vampires responsible and cleansed all affected, which earned her the rank of Adren after she challenged Takes Out the Trash.
  • At Amarillo, she helped lead or participated in more than twenty quests to assist with the big Pantex assault and was declared a Hero.
  • Together with Cold War, Tornado of Rage, and The Road Less Traveled, Smooth Operator went to beseech Griffin for help. It didn’t go well for her.
  • In March and April, she was instrumental in producing and distributing enough of the cure to cover most of Western Missouri and Kansas. Only 3.5% of the local population succumbed to the plague. Smooth Operator was named Hero of the Sept for her efforts.
  • During the summer of 2019, she was coordinating the sept efforts to keep Pentex subsidiaries from filling the post-plague vacuum in politics, food distribution, communications, and utilities.
  • Smooth Operator traveled to Arizona and found herself at the lost Black Fury caern. She helped cleanse the Temple of Nyx.
  • Her pack Infamous! fell apart in August 2019.
  • In September, she challenged Clean Plate for the position of Den Parent and helped coordinate efforts to free thousands of ghosts trapped by the Plague.
  • She was instrumental in the complete destruction of the downtown Pentex Subsidiary in Kansas City. Rumor has it that she made a year-long deal with a spirit for its assistance in November 2019. She also took a trip to Los Angeles for some reason.
  • Jan joined the Journey into Mystery pack, dedicated to M, one of Clashing Boom Boom’s brood, in December 2019. A rogue Glass Walker kidnapped her mother.
  • In January 2020, Smooth Operator challenges for Athro, tracking a Wyrm Incarna released from its prison.
  • Some kind of deal was made to return her mother. Jan reported on the location and capabilities of the Wyrm spirit Eater of Lands and was named Athro in February 2020.
  • On their two year anniversary of meeting, St. Patrick’s Day, Jan and Iakov got engaged to be married.

Quotes From and About

"For a wolf she isn't so bad. Just yell 'I choose you!' and she'll come running. Too bad her pack is a bunch of lameos." - Polly

"She was nice. We had a fun time wit de talking and the fighting." - Iakov Sedeyushchiy

"I've been around long enough not to question idiosyncrasies in Theurges. What matters are results, and this Glasswalker gets results." - Caustic Snarl

"If she ain't a Cyberdog yet, she should be." - Leftovers

"This little bub right here, her heart is as big as her Pokedex." - Stash

“She has such an electrifying personality!” - Elizabeth Tvarivich

"Her youthful vibrancy and energy are welcome additions to the fight against the Wyrm and the struggle for a better world. I look forward to watching her rise within the nation." - Prime Motivator

"In an event that started with much turmoil she was a delight. I hope I get to meet her in better circumstances. I know the best Pokemon hunting places in San Antonio." - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino

"If you ever need someone to help boost the morale of a group, I recommend Smooth Operator. Her happiness is somewhat infectious, even in the depths of Malfeas." - Wisdom's Guardian

“Smooth Operator, of the Wolves, did find an ancient and uncorrupted Turtle to help us fight for her home. This is a Wolf that knows what must be done and had I the ability I would think them worthy of some sort of props. For now? It is perhaps enough that it be known they are a Friend of Rats. Who knows what that means.” - May Cause Bleeding

"She is good with her hand and with the Spirits. It is good to appreciate living trees as well as computers. Everything and everyone has a place to belong. I would make her leather goods if she requires them. She has only two flaws that I noticed, she isn't my daughter, and she isn't a Get of Fenris, but I can forgive her those." - Annika

"In Smooth Operator, I see the story of the best of the Garou play out in miniature. She never hesitates to help as she thinks is best." - 'Spector

“That bro over there is Smooth Operator, and let me tell you that her spirit game is strong.” - Colton “The Urge” Fairchild

"I'm impressed by this Glassie. She was a big help to us Fenrirs. And that pet shes got...electric." - Brandrjlot Vogsson

"We need to take our Comedy on tour! I'll go umbra realm hoping with you anytime!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg, Modi of the Fenrir

"I had low expectations. However, I can admit when I am wrong." - Rødefingre

"Smooth Operator is a rising star of the Nation. She has served her Alpha well and done my Tribe a kindness which I will not forget." - Arbiter of Malice

"She is collecting titles like the Queen in Game of Thrones. You stand in the Presence of January Fairbanks, the Smooth Operator. The Brash City Child, Friend to Rats, the thrower of bolts, wielder of the Master Ball. The Very best, like no one ever was. Love you, Pika-boo." - Rage Squeek

"You are a genius; a crazy genius!" - Laughs in the Dark

"As the Tribal Councilor of the Glasswalkers, I recognize January Fairbanks, otherwise known as "Smooth Operator" as a Hero of the Garou Nation. May her efforts remind you that violence is not the only solution to our problems. I’m proud of you, kid. We all are." - Roger Daly

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Pikachu, I choose you!


Instead of switching out weapon mods, January uses Flyapart to switch out her cosplay.
Smooth Operator has a Fera boyfriend named Iakov.
Her Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band skills saved the day in the Cyber Realm.
At his bachelor party, January and Brevalaer did a lot of hugging and crying together.
Smooth Operator is the self-proclaimed number one fan of Alpha Sigma Sigma.
When questing to retrieve Legend and Tribal Counselor Valka, she took up the shears of the Norns and woke several Get of Fenris ancestors that she summons in combat.
The Margrave of the Shadow Lords acted as Smooth Operator’s champion against challengers in Malfeas.
Grandfather Thunder struck her with lightning when she admonished yet another team for messing with Turtle.
Smooth Operator is responsible for the increased numbers of Pokémon spirits coming to the aid of the Nation in the Great Lakes region, especially Des Moines, Iowa, Cincinnati, Ohio, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Other have begun to adopt her strategies for using them as spirit defenders.
She has a flock of birb friends she regularly goes on Umbral quests with, with talk of shiny Pokémon and Pringles.
Is the world ready for Pichu?
It is well known that she made some kind of fae deal for her mother. What were the terms?
(Feel Free to Add Truths and Rumors as you will)

Art by Tobias Gurl

OOC Information

Player: Melissa E.
Player Email: us2002021504@gmail.com

Storyteller: Scott Milner

Storyteller Email: darkheartlandapoc@gmail.com

Location: Kansas City, MO