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Jaq, head of the Somni Chamber of Commerce and owner of the Stellar Draft, is an attractive (Striking Looks 2) woman in her late 20s to early 30s with vibrantly colored hair. She favors metallic makeup including a speckling of gold or silver "freckles" she dots across her cheeks, and gold lipstick. Quick with a smile or friendly ear and always happy to offer advice, Jaq can usually be found working the bar or relaxing with patrons at The Stellar Draft.


Public Knowledge

  • Prior to 4109, Jaq is unaccounted for on any public record.
  • In 4109, Jaq opens a bar on a small station out in the Verge. She employs supernaturals and humans freely and gains a reputation for having an excellent knack for getting people in touch with eachother, as well as employing some fantastically skilled bartenders. The station changes hands and due to a difference of opinion with the new ownership, she relocates.
  • Moved to Somni / Trajan in 4115 following a call for people to settle there in the hopes of putting down roots again. She takes over the bar when the previous owner decides to retire outside of the system and her reputation from the previous bar seems to follow her - she's again known to have great networking skills and be willing to provide a place of comfort and safety to any who seek it, provided they are respectful of her and the space.
  • Married to Banks Volant, who might also be a supernatural.


Rumors, lies and half truths

  • Jaq won The Stellar Draft from it's previous owner in a bet.
  • She once glared at someone who was causing trouble in her bar so hard that they spontaneously combusted.
  • Some time ago, she used to be a political dissident of some sort in another system and is actually a hardened criminal.
  • Secretly, she's totally loaded and probably doesn't actually have to work - she just likes to gossip.
  • One time, she pistol-whipped someone who was trying to recapture an escaped Synth.
  • She's a Changeling. Or maybe a Fairy. That's the same thing, right?
  • She is secretly a member of the underground cult, The Gilded Rose. Those who speculate on her rank in the cult tend to be found dead.
  • Jaq will, in fact, catch a grenade for ya'.
  • Frequently seen in the presence of an accountant known as Banks.
  • Don't let the mild-mannered exterior fool you; never has there been a more successful assassin in the 'verse.
  • Is so scary when she's mad that she'll shock a vampire out of frenzy.
  • Denier of Chiminage.
  • The previous Director of the Chamber of Commerce disappeared under suspicious circumstances.
    • Or not-so-suspicious if you know about his ties to the Humans First movement.


Through the eyes of her peers

  • "Just because a person is quiet doesn't mean that they're shy. I've seen many people come through the port and establish their lives here, and Jaq is one of the more distinctive ones. There's an intensity to the way she listens to people- but it's never intrusive. The type to get a read on you long before you even learn her name. And she's been nothing but kind and lovely. Somni couldn't exist without people like her. Kind, but impossibly driven. Don't let me catch you starting anything in her establishment, understand?" - Chief Halifax
  • "Jaq? Sure, her place is full of degenerates, but I like to think that most of them wouldn't just watch me get shot in a dark alley and ... well, that's something. Also, the food's good, so I'll keep going. What? That's it. Really... JOHNSON! Stop trying to lick your gun!" - Officer Connelly
  • "Her place is one you can count on to clear your head for a while. She's good at keeping the peace around her." - Reed Kross
  • "Deep conversations, satisfied curiosities...Jaq is probably the most polite of all the bar owners I've ever encountered who wanted to keep me away from their clientele." - Vahishtael
  • "She's taught me all I needed to know to be a successful bar owner and how to sheet tango." - Alek Hawthorne
  • "Jaq is like family to me. She's an incredible person and an astute business woman, though I would avoid making her cross. She's been a true friend and always ends up obtaining the neatest gadgets!" - Gretchen Salt
  • "She did me a good spot once. Free drinks are nice but I just wanted to help." - Magnus
  • "She is very kind. I know that the box will be safe with her people. She will believe me next time, when my objective is stated. Did we not discuss that the Threat would be neutralized?" - 02157O9 "Summer"
  • "Jaq has had my back in a few tough scrapes, they've seen me lose my cool and they still aren't afraid of me. I respect that." - Eva Vexillifer-Petra
  • "Oh goodness, her bad side is terrifying but her good side is delightful!!" - Ree
  • "Quotes go here!" - Your Name

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Public Knowledge

Name: Jaqueline Volant (previously Graves)
Type: Human?
Fame: 3 (Within system) - Philanthropist / Fixer
Region: The Verge (Somni, Trajan)
Position: Director, Somni Chamber of Commerce

OOC Information

Player: Jessica Hartung US2017080136
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Jonathan Nunley
Contact: iVST Space, San Diego