Jared McCoy Rocks the Wyrm

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Jared McCoy
"Rocks the Wyrm"
Shadow Lord Philidox

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jared "Rocks the Wyrm" McCoy

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Tribal Camp Sanctum of Gia

Breed Homid

Aupice Philidox

Rank: Cliath

Notable Traits:


Sept: None currently. Position: None as Yet

Timeline of Noteworthy Events
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Year the character is born 1968
Year the character underwent their First Change 1980
Year the character joined their current Sept. 2017<br. Took a Walk About in November of 2017. Returned to the sept in February of 2018


Word Around the Moot Fires


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Known Friends and Associates

Quotes form ROcks the Wyrm.

  • I rock the wyrm... " As he was pimp slapping BSD>

Quotes about "Rock the Wyrm"

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OOC Information

Player : Carl GOsline

Storyteller Email: Kirk