Jared Wynters

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Jared Wynters

Character Information


Name: Jared Wynters

Clan: Assamite

Camarilla Position Seneschal of Santo Domingo

Social Status: Ancilla

Sire Elder Amir Harpy of Santo Domingo


  • He tends to favor jewelry with an ice motif.
  • Cool confident attitude even when dealing with other predators.
  • Pretty Boy who has his A game going on with the eye liner.
  • Appears to be about 23 years of age.
  • He has tattoo work done on his arms and down his back that change due to new tattoo inking technology that allows him to alter designs from tribal design to other images.


  • Nationality: Norwegian
  • Mortal Occupations: Cabin boy, Musician, Researcher, and Military Intelligence Officer
  • Clan Occupation: Research Forensics/Church History

One could say he was chosen to be a possible Toreador due to his slender muscular build, long blond hair that spills past his shoulders along with bright blue eyes. The kindred has a fashion sense that ranges from casual black jeans paired with dress shirts to formal designer suits to a touch of the Victorian era.

F0851ea93779b704c8df00b664a129ee.jpg 6c15e557d2e5ce7f72d9c02511c195bf (1).jpg Masquerade by anndr-d5o8731.jpg

Born in Norway on August 19th in 1728. His father worked the dock yards while his mother worked as a seamstress. At an early age the allure of the sea and seeing all the exotic people, animals, and items from other lands intrigued the boy. He spent as much of his free time hanging about the ship yards helping where allowed and listening to tales told while people worked. As soon as he was of legal age to sign onto a ship as a cabin boy there was no looking back. His travels took him along the trade routes and ultimately led to his new life. One shore leave ended up cutting his sea days as a kindred took interest and decided to ghoul the young man.

From 1751 to 1940. Jared's existence was nothing more then a pawn ghoul traded about as a chess piece of sorts upon the Kindred chess board. He served as a courtier, translator, musician, discreet feeding toy, assistant researcher, and handler of mortal resources/influence assets as a retainer.

1940-1967 Vanished from society. Rumor may have been acquired by a Tremere taking on the identity as a Norwegian Military Intelligence Officer. His purpose was to secure information on the war and it's interest with Vienna. Whatever happened, he made quite a profit in recovering/stealing from the German forces pieces of art and other historic relics.

1967 crosses paths with Elder Amir of Clan Assamite at a museum art exhibition. Ends up making a deal with his present Regnant to acquire him as his new Regnant and not long after his Sire.

Those he served as a Ghoul

One can tell his first master took great pains to ensure this ghoul was a masterpiece of servitude as well as guardian. He is able to be servile one moment and adapt quickly to the environment at hand to make rational decisions to please his Regnant. Such training has served him well with his transition into a Kindred.

1770-1830: Malkavian: Ailis Cárthach: Taken in after finding the ghoul injured and distraught the wake of his first Regnan's death. The gentle Malkavian looked after Jared and taught him how to behave at Court while allowing him free reign to learn and grow in his own directions. Jared eventually came to outshine Ailis' quiet existence.

1830-1900: Ventrue: Lady Cornelia Mowebary: Served as a retainer within her estate assisting with the daily upkeep as well as the fancy butler at her outlandish parties. It was during these parties he was allowed to play the Violin and walk the floor as a drink host. Suffice to say Lady Mowebary was a woman who knew how to make an impression which garnered her many followers. Rumor has it various harpies payed interesting boons for the luxury of invite to record the grandeur of such an event.

1950-1967: Malkavian: Detective Thomas Gunn formally known as Robert John Williams. Every great Detective needs the loyal assistant who handles the trivial affairs and behind the scene grunt work taking the stress off the brilliant mind to work on the case. I enjoyed being Mr. Gunn's Watson. It was a chance to test auspex based on human perception vs the mind and perception of a kindred. He taught patience and how to *Peel the Onion* as I call it. No detail of a case was too small for each layer was a part of the whole and could be the key to break a case.

1967-present: Embraced living in Dominican Republic where he spends his weekdays in study or working on private detective cases. The weekends he's busy at his club catching up on the mortal affairs of the city.

Kindred History

  • Embraced in 1967.
  • Kept a low profile only meeting those Kindred his Sire Amir was comfortable with arranging initial introductions.
  • Owns an underground Nightclub named *Imagine*
  • Works as a free lance Private Eye monitoring cases that may be potential Masquerade risks.
  • Takes on free lance work for Kindred involved in smuggling and art dealing. Specifically working as an expert in forgery detection.

  • May have items of art and other wealth stolen from the Nazi's during their raids upon other countries and areas of influence.
  • He is actually a Toreador. He was just adopted by House Aurelius after a scandal that was swept under the rug.
  • His nightclub has a secret room where he entertains a different lover every night.
  • He frequents fashion shows on the arm of Luciana, and is always accompanied by his clients.
  • He has Gargoyle consorts, though their relationship is often... rocky.
  • Failed Tremere embrace candidate.
  • Once showed up at a gathering out on a boat from a Helicopter zip line down to the deck with a drink in hand all very much James Bond.

Hobbies and Interests

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  • Loves flavored coffee creations and good hard liquor.
  • Avid collector of unique art, books. and relics. He tends to favor Roman/Greek pieces along with hand blown glass work.
  • Gambling.
  • Enjoying a night out at his club or just touring the party district on the weekends to hunt.
  • Week days commonly spent in research of Archaeology, History, Anthropology, and Forensics.
  • Donates money, time, and pieces of art he's collected through the ages to various Art galleries, museums,other private collections, and charity fund raising events.

Looking for a Bad Boy?

Tumblr mfr2xm0pbh1s0ai4qo1 400.jpg 8aa0aef2421f758e9c6575c46fa07265.jpg

  • Enjoys being with people when he's hunting. He has no qualms on gender.
  • Paints his nails black and tends to favor eye shadow in the fashion sense used in Egypt when he's out clubbing, or hunting.
  • Wicked sense of humor with a sharp silver tongue.
  • Often attends *shopping dates* with his Prince.

Music is a Passion


  • Jared learned one lesson very fast among kindred. Find an artistic/cultured skill and your value will increase instead of being the ghoul walking around galas with a drink tray.
  • By some sheer luck he found a mentor willing to tutor him on how to play the Violin.
  • Plays for Elders or other private Kindred galas.

Little Friends in Bright Packages

  • Martini: His new addition to his collection. Luci was a bad influence.

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Associates and Mentors

  • Luciana Santora DuVal
  • Myrium Oswald

Imagine Nightclub

  • Owner of quite possibility one of the world's unique night clubs.
  • Front entrance is a castle that leads into a multi underground cavern system converted into bars,lounges and dance floors.
  • Rumor has it the Gargoyles helped him enlarge the place adding a few private rooms for kindred meetings.

2250-4.jpg Imagine-la-mejor-discoteca-de-republica-dominicana1.jpeg Imagine-punta-cana-disco.jpg R2CI.gif


"I took Jared in when he was hurting and broken. He has proven that to be the right choice every night since. Knowing him has been both an honor and a joy." - Ailis Cárthach

"A bright spot of energy and enthusiasm. A thoughtful and considerate Kindred. I still don't know how I became so fortunate as to have been his sire." Amir Isfahani Aurelius

"Jared is a delightful friend and business partner. He knows no limits to get a job well done." - Luciana Santora DuVal

"Blessed are the bartenders. Cheaper than therapists and just as impartial. I saw a great deal in his palm that I think he forgot was there to see." - Rhiannon Byrd

"Jared is a cunning one. People may think that simply because he tends a bar that he does not pay attention, that could not be further from the truth. He sees, he listens. He knows." - Jenny Masterson

"Oh, my... such a pretty one... when he pours a drink, I don't know if it's the liquid that fills the glass or his face that captures my attention more." - Angela Deth

"It is rare, in my experience, for kindred to recognize true talent. We become jaded to any endeavor that does not take decades to complete. The Primogen Wynters is an exception to this, and I look forward to working more with him." Lorem Ipsum

"Primogen Wynters, is an example for the rest of his clan. I have found in him trust and a reliable charisma. Take a page from his book and you will learn a thing or two." Chimera

" Jared is a ally and my favorite S'assamite. Good intentions and a brilliant bar, what more could you ask in a friend." - Myrium_Oswald

OOC Information

Player Name Mindy Kolp

MES Number us2002034157

ST: Mary: vst.camarilla.pr@mindseyesociety.org