Jarl Huginn

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Name: Jarl Huginn
Sire: Ulfsdottir
Childer: Brenda the Feral, Vala Muninn
Sect: Unaligned
Lineage: Valravn


From the depths of the swirling mists of the soul's mind:

"Jarl was embraced as a pagan Gangrel who acted as the seer for the All-high and who now works to prevent the coming of Ragnarok. During his mortal life Jarl lived in Old Saxony, and worked as a soothsayer and seidr practitioner for Hadugato. "He has seen the end coming, Gehenna to some but Ragnarok by his own accounts. His zeal for the restoration of humanity is his greatest flaw, and believes that only through the the annulment of the Masquerade can kine and kindred be able to defeat what everyone fears most. Jarl now attempts to bring his lineage together for this humanitarian purpose. Others might see this as a grab for power, on the contrary, he is but seer in the modern day, preaching the end as if it were just years away. He will need students, as they will be the heroes born from the chaos of Ragnarok."


Jarl is rumored to be out for himself due to his lack of loyalties to any of the sects.

His entire lineage practices the Path of the Feral Heart, and he allows it.


Player: Zack Kondracki

Player's Email: zkount@gmail.com

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