Jasmine Ferlinghetti

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jasmine "Jazz" Ferlinghetti

Deed Name: Poetic Justice

Notable Traits:

Pack: Teeth Around Your Neck


Sept: Sept of the Eastern Skies


A late in life change, went to college at Duke University where they met Bronwen Morris, their new roommate. The two hit it off, having some shared life experiences as kin of particularly intense Garou families. During her time at Duke, Jazz made the acquaintance of a young Garou Alex Drake who would prove to be something of a friendly antagonist over the years since, first as his TA as a grad student, and then later as they battled in the courtroom. Eventually their relationship settled into something of professional and intellectual respect, improved more very recently by a growing connection with his wife Natalya Krolik.

As a Black Fury she was raised to be disdainful of men, though if they prove themselves to be capable she can warm to them. Largely she finds them too inclined to "think with their dick" and more likely to get in the way rather than be of use. Growing up queer below the Mason-Dixon line and working in a high power, male-dominated field has not exactly improved her overall feelings towards men. She tends to be acerbic and snarky when approaching the world.

In her mid-30s she never expected to change, but in the end Gaia had other plans then letting her die. Most of her court work was for people with more money and power than they needed, handling the nastier sides of divorce, and sometimes, helping those without resources of their own get away from those with all of the money. Sometimes it was just a case of tenacity and strength of argument... but sometimes they needed protection from more than just cutting words. Sometimes the people she was fighting against were dangerous. She ended up between her client and her ex, armed and intending that neither women would survive. In the way, she was shot first... and lost control on something she never knew she was holding in check, morphing into her first change long after it was thought never to happen. Neither her client nor her ex survived, something that has haunted her since, leaving her locked away from Crinos except in the most desperate of situations.


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OOC Information

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