Jason Echols

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  • Nosferatu


  • Camarilla



  • Acknowledged
  • Loyal x1


  • 11, Neonate

Notable Traits:

  • Jason's face is of a distinctly chiropteran persuasion. Average height and with with something of a paunch.
  • The Neonate seems to develop, collect and discard mannerisms that unnerve such as staring, twitching, rubbing of hands, fidgeting and snarling. Which, if any of these are genuine ticks, rather than affectations is unknown.
  • His attire seems designed to make his Elders cringe, with ironic shirts complimented by an eclectic smattering of amulets, talismans and low-arcana.
  • The Nosferatu has the capacity to see wraiths and spirits, as well as communicate with the dead and know the locations of corpses within a broad area around himself.


  • July 7 - 1988; Jason Lysander Echols was Born in St. Louis Missouri.
  • April 1990; Family moves to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • August 2006; Jason attends Oklahoma University Medical School to be a general practitioner.
  • Dec 21 - 2010; Jason is Embraced while attending medical school and is forced to drop out and abandon his former life. He travels, slowly, towards the Northeastern United States.
  • Early 2011 - Is introduced to the Giovanni goon, Filthy Luca in New Jersey. Jason is seen in the Giovanni's company quite regularly until Filthy Luca is sent to Tulsa Oklahoma.
  • January 18th, 2019 - Learns of the Final Death of Filthy Luca in Tulsa. Jason begins plans and preparations to return home.
  • May 3rd, 2019 - Jason returns to Tulsa and establishes a Haven.


  • They say that Neonate does strange things to corpses. No, no, I mean Really strange things.
  • He's real tight lipped. Doesn't trust anybody and doesn't let anything slip, not for free anyway. And if he does? Well, it's probably a lie.
  • I heard he got rich going to Egypt, Brazil and places, diggin' up mummies and all the gold and gems they got on 'em.


  • “Listen kiddo this stays hush hush, but by me teaching you dis that makes you a made man.” -Filthy Luca, Associate (dec.)


  • Count Orlok - Nosferatu - 1922, Nosferatu the Vampyre - 1979, Shadow of the Vampire - 2000
  • Victor Frankenstein - Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus
  • Zacharias the Everliving - Warhammer Fantasy Battles
  • Nocturnal Me - Echo and the Bunnyman , Ghost
  • Count Bassy - Dance Gavin Dance
  • Four Letter Words - "I the Mighty"
  • Running up that Hill - Placibo

Dramatis Personae

  • Filthy Luca is the character of Zachary Golden

Player Bio

Player: Andrew Roberts

Player Email: us2017100171@gmail.com

Coordinator: Emily Keel

Coordinator Email: tulsamasqueradevst@gmail.com

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma