Jason Medina

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jason Medina

Notable Traits: Short tempered

Society: Independant Alliance

Clan: Follower of Set


Born in Alexandria, Egypt in the early part of 1945. Abandoned at an early age, he grew up on the streets, learning all of life's lessons the hard way. His speed and lithe build got him noticed by Football scouts, and he was given a scholarship to Alexandria University, where is lack of formal education showed, but his speed and strength allowed him to progress enough to complete a 4 year program in Mythology. His life improved until one dark night, when he met his end, and new beginning. His new life saw his Physical skills pushed to their ultimate capacity, and his skills from a life on the streets brought to the forefront. The ways of the Serpent opened new doors, and possibilities for his future, but he could not stay in Egypt. He made his way to the Unites States, and found new opportunities in Dallas, TX. Association with certain, unconventional, members of his clan quickly alienated him from the Camarilla held city social circles.

He is known to rent out his protection services, and a lax view on the Masquerade.


  • Believed to be responsible for the "unapproved" death of at least one Cainite in the city.
  • Of a rare bloodline, and possessing in-clan Disciplines uncommon to his clan
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Wiliam Bruens

Player Email: mish.endure@gmail.com

Storyteller: EriK O'Malley

Storyteller Email: SC.Dallas.camanarchia@DallasMES.com

Location: Dallas, TX