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Name: Jason Rykr
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Sept: TBA
Notable Traits: Missing left arm and shoulder and covered in scars


  • Born in the 70's
  • Great things were predicted of him as a Garou, yet the change never came.
  • Spent over a decade in the military before returning home to assist in the Apocalypse.
  • He was embedded in the Warders pack for the old Caern of Austin
  • Lost his left arm and most of the shoulder protecting the other kinfolk from the forces of the wrym.
  • He has fathered five known children all of whom have changed and joined the Garou Nation. Oddly enough only one of them stayed with the Bonegnawer Tribe. All three of his daughters have joined the Black Furies. His fifth and youngest stayed with the Bonegnawers.


  • Gerard Conroy
  • Addie Katergaris
  • Cassie Mavros-Ruiz


  • What the hell is an Alpha Kinfolk?
  • What influence does this Kinfolk have that he's sent a personal invitation to a Caern Raising, and then appointed as an advisor to the Sept Leader?
  • The fetish he now carries for an arm is possessed of an old, Elder Garou - so the question is - who's the one doing the talking?
  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)


  • "Yes we work together. No I don't tell him what to do. No he doesn't tell me what to do. Yes he's that crazy. Yes he's...wait. Say that again? Alpha Kinfolk? ...Shit." Gerard Conroy
  • "In order to know what is in a closed box, you must first open it." - Tsomo
  • "No. He is definitively NOT the father of any of my children. Don't suggest that in my hearing again. Just don't." - Addie Katergaris
  • "He has the rage of an elder and the tongue of a cub." - Rachel Shaheen
  • "A Kinfolk who can walk that tall among Garou is someone to watch. He will rise or he will fall, and I do not think he particularly cares which." - Geralt ibn Herza
  • "Ryker has done a lot for me and for the Kinfolk of Austin. He's not Garou, but I'd still go to war for him." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "Ryker is a quandary. He has clearly done far more than any kin should have to due to our mistakes, yet how does one lay down the sword once it has been taken up? I can already sense that his strength has been purchased a price, but I do not know what that price was nor what it will be." - Justice in the Shadows
  • "He's a strong, resourceful kinfolk. I admire all that he's accomplished, quite a bit, in fact. He's defensive and has a fair bit of poorly directed, ill-defined anger that I honestly feel he's entitled to, to a point. We'll see if he can get past it for the sake of us all, his kinfolk included." - Ember Fannon
  • "His emotions are his strength in that he holds a level of rage within his soul that rivals most garou. I wonder, though, if he realizes that his emotions are also his greatest weakness. Afterall, it was desperation that led him down a certain path. That said, He has a place in the order of things and I will work with him so long as he maintains his function. What path am I speaking of. It is not mine to discuss." - Josiah
  • "Bold kinfolk. We will watch this one. See if truly alpha or omega." - Dawn of Fimbulvetr
  • "Some motherfucker adds 'for a Kinfolk' to what he says about this guy doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about." - Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In
  • "His death will be sung across the Tapestry. That is assured. Whether it is a song of glory or ignominy remains to be seen." - Eight Rounds Rapid
  • "Fucking fucking fucking fuck! We were fine! If you do something stupid like that again, you'll wish you died protecting me, old man." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "He knows when to hold his ground, and when to seize his objective, I won't feel too bad if it is him that kills me." Hel's Chosen
  • "Proof that just because Gaia made you and Hyperion adores you, it sure as heck doesn't mean your job is easy or headache free. You know how some people live for coffee? Right? Pretty sure he lives to be my personal headache. Living proof that anyone only has the authority you allow them." - Morgana
  • "Glad I was able to meet him, he also puts Kinfolk, pretty sure we will get along well." - Paul Lassick
  • "Approach with an offering of whiskey." Ember Fannon
  • "Of course he's shooting every garou who touches him. He was bitten without consent. Give him his gun back!" - Choden
  • "He has returned, in a form unrecognizable and with goals frightening to consider. A danger to all that might see him." - Tsomo
  • "We've all had to make sacrifices to survive in light of the Nation - now approaching what I can only surmise is a coming Impergium - abandoning us. He saved my life, on numerous occasions. Now it's time to return the favor. Goodbye, my friend." - Gerard Conroy
  • "He's the only father who mattered. You'll find I have zero fucks to give about the litany, if you harm him." Bless Your Heart
  • "I knew Jason before he went through the hell that's befallen him these last months. The person that's come out is hurting and angry and I can't blame him one bit. But it pains me to see him this way. He was a caretaker, and he looked out for everyone he oversaw. Don't get me wrong, Jason made no bones about using force when he needed to but that wasn't his drive. He's still my friend, but I'm worried about what he's going to do and who he's going to hurt, including himself." Cat
  • "He's angry, but he's got every right to be, and I can't say I'm not angered myself just knowing about some of what he's gone through recently." - Madison Walsh
  • "I hear he survived. Would have been nice to get a call or even a text so I didn't have to learn secondhand." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "Some garou think the greatest threat to the safety of Hidden Springs is the recent division between the the Sept and my pack. They are wrong. If Jason falls, this caern will soon follow. Niether the intellect or skills remain to change that." - Plays With Fire



Player: Nick Kice

Player Email: jason.rykr@gmail.com

Storyteller: Stephanie Williams

Storyteller Email: sc.austin.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: Austin, TX