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Metis Black Fury Ahroun Sanctum of Gaia

The Man, the Legend

Homid Name: Jaune Arkos
Deed Names:

  • "Swims Deeply"
  • "Hart of Artemis"

Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Metis
Tribe: Black Fury
Camp: Sisterhood of Fortune
Pronouns: He/Him/His


Physical Descriptions

  • Homid: 35 years old. Golden haired, green eyed. Seems nice, in a goofy sort of way. In nice weather he wears sandals, but in bad weather he wears boots. Always carries a recurve bow.
  • Lupus: Black as night. Something is odd about this lupus. Its scent isn't right.
  • Crinos: A towering hulk of black fur, his build is more lithe and quick than muscular. The scent of this Crinos is off. Not offensively, but there is something wrong.


Basic Timeline

  • May ?, 1982 - Persephone Calls the Storm, a member of the Collective Packs of Whispering Willows, decides to seek out a mate and become a mother. Walter Birdscry, an Uktena kinfolk had offered himself up for breeding purposes through a discrete service run by the Glass Walkers.
  • February 3, 1983 - Jaune Arkos is born. The fact that they are a metis was a huge surprise to everyone, and for a time the Elders of Whispering Willows thought that Persephone must have lied about the father. However, the Eldest Theurge, with the help of an Uktena elder, realized what had happened. Walter Birdscry was originally a victim of an insidious program known as “The Seventh Generation” - which promoted specific forms of child abuse that tore holes in the souls of the child victims. Walter was one such child victim. While full Garou, Walter has never changed.
  • August 1983- the Uktena decide that Jaune will always have a place with them- they don’t go into specifics, but it’s indicated that they think Jaune is important to a prophecy.
  • June 12, 1995 - Jaune is preparing for his rite of passage later that month when his mother comes back from a mission with a young girl at her side. Abigail was taken from her family by Black Spiral Dancers just before her first change. Traumatized by both her first change and her ordeals with the BSDs, Jaune offers to be her caretaker for a time, to get the young girl used to Garou life. Jaune sticks to his adoptive sister like glue and the two are given nicknames by the Collective Pack: Abigail is given the nickname “Speaks Softly” and Jaune “Carries a Big Stick” (and often just called “Big Stick”)
  • June 20, 1996 - Jaune and Abigail go through their Rite of Passage together. For their willingness to stand up to any threat, Jaune earns the deed Name “Stands Defiant” and declares for the Black Furies. Abigail reaffirms her nickname: “Speaks softly to spirits”
  • May 18, 2002 - Jaune Stands Defiant travels with a few Uktena on a mission into the umbra to find a way to weaken and banish a power wyrm spirit. During the mission, Jaune dives into an umbral river to follow a serpentine figure and is lost from sight. When the pack finds them again, it’s washed up on the shore of an umbral lake in another realm, clutching a large gnosis pearl - normally a gift from the Uktena spirit itself. The Pearl proves to have the memory of the Wyrm Spirit’s Bane in it, and for this accomplishment, Jaune earns the Name “Swims Deeply”
  • September 2002 - Jaune’s awkwardness around humans was endearing for a time but is soon proving to be a hindrance in any urban mission. The collective packs decide that the best way to help Jaune get over this awkwardness is to send him to a human community college to learn to interact with humans. This goes well for a while until he starts dating a young would-be witch. Even this goes well at first until the witch learns that Jaune isn’t really a sexual creature and doesn’t plan on being long term. Thinking that he dated her just to pull a cruel joke or just for a quick fling, the witch casts a curse on Jaune - He forever suffers from a curse that makes them clumsy or stupid, especially at first impression. The curse surprisingly sticks.
  • November 16, 2018 - Longing for adventure, and believing that their place in the world is at the side of a hero they have not met yet, Jaune wants to leave the Collective Packs of Whispering Willows. To do so, Jaune must prove that he is ready. To do So, Jaune undertakes a challenge to gain favor from one of the Black Fury’s Patron spirits and to make a worthy weapon.

Jaune goes off towards into the Umbra with a pack, to find such a challenge. While in the Land of Heroes, Jaune decides to hunt for some food. And of course, the idiot stumbles upon Artemis’ Hunters - makes a fool of himself, and ends up being chased. But the chase takes a while, and he’s crafty enough to outmaneuver most of the Hunters. (In truth, he had learned an Uktena gift that would let him fly away and escape “but that would be cheating!”). It took a Celestine of Artemis herself to corner him, who only smiles and says “good chase young Hart. Next year” Before taking the Hunters with her and away. The pack witnessed this, and so in the traditions of the Whispering Willows, Jaune became “Alexander Hart of Artemis”. One of Artemis' huntresses stayed behind to become the spirit bound in his bow.

  • February 9, 2019 - Jaune stops in Boston to catch his bearing and figure his place.

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