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Hustler. Dealer. Liar. Miser. Provider. Fighter. Viper. Survivor.

"Everybody's got a price. Everybody's got a vice. You have a wish, and I provide. I'm a modern day genie straight out the lamp. I'm just out here tryin' to get this grind."


Notable Traits

  • Obviously on a Path of Enlightenment


  • "Jaxon is a loyal, hard-working guard with a deep faith in Set and a drive to earn his way. He is a blessing to the Temple of Houston and our family is lucky to have this Viper assigned to us." - Djeserit al Malik, Priestess and Doyen of Houston
  • "Jaxon is an absolute delight: a business man and a gentleman. I look forward to working with him again, and as often as possible." - Lillian Chandler
  • "Jaxon provides one of the few actual valuable commodities amongst Kindred. A more pompous jackass might overlook such value, but I do take delight in finding such treasures where others only see sand. ." - Keith Campbell
  • "This Motherfucker right here." - Paddy Murphy
  • "The vitality and exuberance of youth, Jaxon takes quite well to the skills needed for one of his kind. Almost as if born to it." - Afonso Pisanob
  • "I am sorry, he called me what? How vulgar, I must meet him." - Lord Simon Kensington
  • "Yeah he seems like just a tough guy, but watch him. He caches the little stuff. And damn if he isn't persistent! Useful on a job, annoying when he's trying to get you to let him drive your boat or spill your secrets!" - Daphne Doss
  • "Jaxon has shed the chains forced upon him by a society who would see him enslaved by false morality. His hands are free to serve, and his legacy has just begun." - Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "The party is always safer yet more exciting with this one around." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "Sweet dependable Jaxon, God how I miss him." - Alexandria Taylor
  • "Jaxon is what happens when you combine the effectiveness of a wrecking ball with the charm of a snake." - Irma Kardos
  • "First and foremost, Jaxon is a salesman. Very reminiscent of the old Snake-oil types, except for the fact that his "remedies" work and are well worth the price. I'm glad that he is a part of my family and I know that we can do much together for the glory of Set." - Xavier Frost
  • "Jaxon is a soldier. Tell him where to go. Tell him what to do when he gets there. Simplicity, matched with lethality." - Dar Adan
  • "Det er mer til han enn man kan se. I en hule av slanger, betyr rød og gul død." - Olaf
  • "Behind the Eminem wannabe I imagine there is a sharp mind. I will be sure to keep a sharp eye on him." - Vengeance
  • "Yooo, let's go wreck some shit!" - Trip Line
  • "Leave a quote!" - Name


  • "The seed must grow regardless of the fact that it’s planted in stone." - Tupac Shakur
  • "Oh, don't get it twisted honeycone. I'm a survivor first, capitalist second and a whole bunch of shit after that. " - Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood
  • "I think what brings me the most sorrow is that I've learned to justify this behavior. I always find a reason. A cause. A need that allows me the karmic lubrication that allows me to stuff my guilt into a savage compartment." - Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy


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