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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jayden "Alternate Resolution"

Notable Traits: Quiet and thoughtful, Jayden is often perfectly fits the stereotype of his tribe.

Pack: Pandora

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Hope's Resurgence


1977 Jayden is born to Mergen and Jade. He is a Stargazer Theurge. She is a kin of European descent whose parents were enamored of the East. His parents are a model of patience and unwavering love. Not even puberty is enough to shake them.
1991 Jayden has his first change. Knowing his son was destined to be a shifter, his father arranged for him to be jumped by several Garou. After he shifted, the more experienced warriors quickly overcome him. Jayden moves to the local Sept and begins to learn more of what it is to be a Garou. He does not seem to be in any particular hurry to go through his rite of passage.
1993 Jayden finally has his rite of passage. He had become friends with Ghost (Stargazer PC), a Fostern, who pushed them him to his rite of passage. Jayden is named Slashing Wit, not an entirely flattering name.
1993 Jayden earns his GED primarily through correspondence work.
1994 Jayden and Ghost spend a year with Jayden's parents while Ghost learns of homid ways. it is a good year. Jayden enjoy\'s spending time with is parents and learning more of the tribe from his father.
1995 Jayden and Ghost return to the Sept.
1996 Jayden earns an Associate of Science in Psychology degree from Linn-Benton Community College. Taking classes while mastering his rage is not an easy matter. His meditative practices help, as do a few understanding kinfolk at the school.
1998 Jayden becomes a Fostern, earning the name Alternate Resolution. As had already become something of a modus operandi of his, the problem of a polluting business is solved with no bloodshed.
1995 Jayden and Ghost return to the Sept.
1998 Jayden becomes a Fostern, earning the name Alternate Resolution. The interpretation of this name is a matter of some debate.
1999 Shigalu Monastery falls, Stargazers retreat from the Western Concordant. Jayden\'s father goes with the tribe. Jayden chooses to stay, not willing to abandon the students at his dojo. The parting is sad, but all accept that each much walk their their own path. Mergen visits on occasion. Jayden and Jade also travel repeatedly to the Eastern lands. The family is sad to be apart, but know that however far apart their paths lead, they are still together.
2009 Stargazers retake the site of the great fallen Caern, which has to be razed. Jayden s father dies in the effort. Ghost is there and witnesses his death. He gives Mergen’s sword to Maryska. Jayden checks out. He is barely even there for his mother. It is not his finest time.
2011 Maryska Taksemanyen, a Khan well known to Jayden\'s father, appears on Jayden\'s doorstep and hands him the sword of his father. Jayden thanks her, put the sword in a box and leaves it in the bottom a closet. He says nothing to his increasingly estranged mother.
2014 Jayden meets Liz, a young Black Fury Philodox. She brought a new student to his dojo to learn self-confidence and to deal with painful issues. Realizing he is Garou, she wants to know why they have not met before. Jayden is evasive. She asks at the Sept and is told that they have essentially written him off. His work at the dojo seems harmless, even useful, and it is not worth their time to try to drag him back to a more direct role in the fight.
2015 Liz continues to press Jayden, working to drag him back into the fight. Quitting is not one of her strong suits.
2016 Liz finally convinces Jayden to go on a mission with her. He is deeply unhappy about it, but sees it as a way that he might be able to show the fiery young Garou another way. That fails and the mission leaves a man dead on the floor. This latest act of direct justice is just too much and the young Garou is requested to find somewhere that she is less wanted by police. Feeling partially responsible, Jayden suggest that they head east to where he knows Mariska lives, along with Stargazer who would welcome them.
2016 Jayden and Liz join the Garou in Atlanta.


OOC Information

Player: Ryan Mulderig
Player Email: ryan.d.mulderig@gmail.com
Storyteller: Mike Boaz
Storyteller Email: apocalypsevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org
Location: Atlanta, GA