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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jayleena

Notable Traits: Long Brown Coyote Tail, green eyes.

Society: SABBAT

Clan: Gangrel (Coyote)

Pack: Order of the Blessed Vitae



Jayleena is very forgetful, and cannot remember anything told to her from night to night. Jayleena cannot read or write and due to that has very little understanding of how technology works.

Jay used to be a Cross Country Runner, as a result is very quick. She should not be underestimated.


  • This girl is a mystery, does anyone know anything about her?
  • Shes joined a loyalist pack, what did she do to get an in with them!?

Character Images

Coyote-face-snow - Virginia - ForestWander.jpg

OOC Information

Player: Sabrina H.

Player Email: Sabrina Hyland

Storyteller: Craig B

Storyteller Email: Craig B

Location: Western MA, MA-005-D