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General Information


Name: Jean-Louis Mazarin du Nevers
Issue: Count-Peer of Nevers, France
Current Persona: Jean-Louis d'Orleans
Notable Traits: Parisian Accent
Sect: Autarkis
Clan: Ravnos
Territory: Chateau Elan Resort & Spa, La Paradis Nightclub

Physical Description: The so-called Kindred-in-Green has adjusted his presentation as time has progressed but some aspects have remained constant. Ever the fan of fashion, Jean-Louis has never been seen at a Court or formal gathering of Kindred without some garment of striking green. Generally attired in an emerald frock coat accented by simple black trousers and a vest, the Frenchman errs on the side of elegance rather than opulence. His hands are accented by a bloodstone ring and a signet boasting the Merovingian bee and his coat bears a silver cicada pin.

Blood Ties

Lineage: Maison Vérité
Sire: The Woman
Childer: Loreley,Clementine Dubois, Kisaiya, Suzie Q

Known History


Jean-Louis is known to have been a Courtier in the Court of King Louis XIV, the famous French Sun King. The Ravnos stood as the Compte-Pair of Nevers (in central France) and made his home in the Palace at Versailles. Perhaps somewhat quixotically, the Frenchman has also been said to be either the father or son of the renowned French military strategist Gilbert du Motier, Marquis of Lafayette. Whatever reason there may be for the odd incongruity, the Ravnos makes it a point of personal pride to avoid presenting any explanation.

Lies, Damn Lies, & Propaganda:

  • "Your clan has struggled to survive, but you can find solaces with us...We have control, we can keep you safe, we are your hope"- Amatus
  • "It is rare the man who can so easily hide who he is with such finesse. What you see is what you wish to see. What is real is kept so close to his bones that it is possible none other than he will ever really know." - Mila Rurik
  • "I can tell you he cares a great deal for the future of his clan. There is great ambition there, but also pride. I do not think he will compromise until he has secured what he wants." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Nobleman? Rogue? Who cares. The man upholds his deals and keeps his word."- Duncan Dunsirn
  • "We are both men of the deal. I like that. I will deal with him anytime." - Apocryphus
  • "I've long accepted that my reality does not mesh with the reality seen by others. Jean-Louis is one of the few who can see realities outside of his own mind and understand them. That is both impressive and, in a way, comforting." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "В ти́хом о́муте че́рти во́дятся." - Yana Teplova
  • "The world is a strange place and Fate plays funny tricks on us all. Jean-Louis is an agent of Fate, pulling the threads of her tapestry this way and that. The question remains is this - does he do her work to her liking or has he gone rogue? I do not think he knows." - Odette bint Rumi
  • "Once upon a time there was a rich delectable culture that paved the way for nobility. They were witty. They knew how to throw a party. They were the leading examples in fashion. The were pivotal in creating true rules of etiquette. They were eloquent speakers and immaculate lovers. They were the glorious jewels that adorned Versailles. I have the privilege of knowing a fellow jewel, his name is Jean-Louis and if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him then you must surely seek him out immediately." - Katheryn Maria Benoit
  • "Every man needs a worthy rival."- Vanator
  • "The man has no shortage of business to attend to - and no wonder, given how good he is at his job. Witty, cunning, and delightful, I daresay I look forward to working with the man again in the future." - Caterina Salazar
  • "I have never been more frustrated and yet oddly satisfied as when I am with Jean-Louis." - Rhiannon Byrd
  • "Never gamble with an illusionist. You might lose more than simply your gold; spoken as a compliment of the ever resourceful Mssr. d'Orelans." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "He makes his own fate, but does not consider himself master of it. Any sect that does not see his worth is worse than blind." - Asher Rothstein
  • "He may not see through the mirror at all times, but he knows the mirror is there. This knowledge, this vision, puts him leagues ahead of most." - Ailis Cárthach
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Rumour Has It

  • He cannot resist a wager.
  • Like all his other dealings, D'Orlean's romantic backstory is an elaborate con. The real D'Orleans died years ago. The man wearing his face and name got his start in Las Vegas, committing petty larceny and hustling wealthy widows in the 1940's.
  • Is the father of Octavia Lyn.
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OOC Information

Player: Vic C.
ST: Atlanta VST

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