Jean LeBeau

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Jean LeBeau
We all have a purpose

Name: Jean LeBeau
Clan: Malkavian
Social Class: Master Elder

Acknowledged as a member of good standing of the Ivory Tower
Confirmed,Privileged, Established as Elder
Noble as Primogen
Considered Honorable by Harpy Moses Means
Considered Loyal by Harpy Moses Means

Notable Traits:



A Little Background

Background to Come

House L.jpg

Lineage: House Llenyddiaethau

Lies, Conjecture and a Grain of Truth

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Known Associates

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Quotes about Jean LeBeau

  • “He knows your truths and your lies. Your past and your future. Does he also know his Lord’s judgement of us? Some are pardoned, some condemned.” - Maris Bell
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OOC Information

Player: Jason H US2005106712

Player Email:

Storyteller: Scott Millner

Storyteller Email: