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Name: Jedrek

Notable Traits: Jet black feathers in his red hair, Appearance focus, Whisper of Life.

Titles: King of Trash Pandas

Society: Anarch

Clan: Gangrel

City: Nassau, Bahamas


Gender: Male

Apparent Age: 26

Actual Age: 223

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Red, medium length, wavy with black feathers, giving it the appearance of having dyed black streaks when viewed from a distance.

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Strong

Alternate forms: Raccoon, Raven, and rumours of an even larger Raccoon form, if Jedrek is to be believed on this.


  • 1794 - Born in an undisclosed location, rumoured that his name was Isaac at this point.
  • 1820 - Embraced into Clan Gangrel, no other details shared.
  • 2017 - Presented himself at the gathering in Nassau, and promptly joined the Anarch Movement.
  • 2018 - Eloped with his wife-to-be to find somewhere quiet to settle down together.


Status: Committed, The Anarch Movement

Lineage: Cooper's Coyotes

Sire: Not common knowledge

Childe: Feather, Joey Cobra, William, Letty Ortiz, & Amber Alderman. Also Princess (unacknowledged).


  • Is a Trash Panda, and embraces this title.
  • Is a serial monogamist, and makes mixtapes involving poetry and clarinet that he wants no one to discover. They're on cassette tapes.
  • Is not actually a Gangrel, but an experimental Ghouled raccoon gone horribly wrong.
  • There's MORE of him???
  • He is actually his own wolf pack that combines like Voltron.
  • There is a story that one is Jedrek's children had an oracular ability but could only get the future of her broodmates. As the numbers grew she slowly went insane and started to hunt them one by one to reclaim the blood and her sanity. After 20 kills she realized that she could not kill faster than her sire could embrace and she gave into wassail and entered the woods, never to be heard from again.
  • Jedrek is the reason why the Edict has that limitation on embracing.
  • Rumor has it that Jedrek's children get together every ten years to have a reunion , this is said to serve two purposes. 1. To remember each others names and 2. To account for any new sisters and brothers.
  • He is really a king of old.
  • (Feel free to add your own)


  • "Aww, muffin." - Becky Fuchs
  • "Yet another I will need to watch over and educate. So many lessons that he hasn't taken in yet..I hope I am able to make progress with him." - Ulric of Gangrel
  • "There's a lot unknown about Rocket Raccoon, but he leaves me interested in knowing WHO he is." Quinntessence Locke
  • "When I first saw him, I wasn't sure if he was an ugly dog or washed up beach rat. I was sadly mistaken on both counts." Olivia Blether
  • "It seems he knows good company when he sees it. If he keeps this up, he'll go far." Kathleen Bancroft
  • "What a pleasant looking Raccoon. Are you a Gangrel?" Elder Catherine Foxley, of Clan Ventrue
  • "Jedrek is a good friend of mine and I trust his words." Connie
  • "Yo, Trash Panda is invited to all my parties. Let's go!" Trip Line
  • "Why he wants to play the vermin I'll never understand." Clara George
  • (Signed) "Jedrek, please explain why there are four of you now." Jaguar
  • "One night I woke up and I realized that the hollow empty feeling, the hunger for more and exciting, the tug of fear and depravity were no longer there. I had finally met what others call happiness. And that is something worth keeping safe forever." Olivia Blether
  • "He's been a better foster dad than my real one ever was" Princess
  • "He is not native here. He goes where there are shoulders to ride and beautiful women to beg bellyrubs from." - William Blake
  • "So this is the dude who made my drug dealer. Neat. Got to see his illusive human form. Which was.. different." - Juniper Durham
  • "He was very welcoming but he really needs to pamper himself more. It's all about self-grooming." Desiree Maddox
  • (Feel free to add your own)


  • Joey, his other Childe.
  • William, yet another of his Childe.
  • Princess, ANOTHER Childe... he might have a problem. (Of course he does)
  • Desiree Maddox, family member but NOT a Childe, honest! More likely a niece, but he still sees her like a Childe.
  • (Feel free to add yourself)


  • Black Sabbath - War Pigs
  • Metallica - Master of Puppets
  • Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Papa Roach - Blood (Empty Promises)
  • Muse - Doctor Uprising Who
  • Leo Moracchioli - Anaconda (Metal Cover)
  • Marilyn Manson - Rock is Dead
  • Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
  • AC/DC - Big Balls

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OOC Information

Player: Sam S. (aka Drakka)

Story Teller: None - Character retired

Coordinator: Hilary Sklar

Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).