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Acknowledged as Camarilla

3 Tremere
4 Etrius
5 Lotharius
6 Augustin
7 Raimundo (Deceased)
8 Lavinia
9 Tess
10 Deceased
11 Jehangir



Other Publicly Known Associations


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Generally available Bio

Name: Jehangir ibn Aragon, aka "Gear"

Sect: Camarilla

Position: Harpy

Clan: Tremere

City: Atlanta

Description: Jehangir is a very young vampire and his brashness proves it on a regular basis. A product of the punk rock era and of his Islamic faith, he is an odd blend of rebellion and conformity. He can often be found amoungst the neonates of Atlanta, regardless of their sect, and has been known to enjoy the company of many vampires you'd never expect a Tremere to be around.


  • "What we have in common is surprising. It makes that which divides the more notable." - Odette bint Rumi
  • "I refuse to underestimate one who comes from Augustin's line. That being said, he's a polite young man, and I enjoy his company." - Mila Rurik
  • "Gear has been of great assistance acclimating this recently awakened artifact with this modern world." Amis Ward Harlow
  • "He may be young, but do not trust this Usurper." - Apocryphus
  • "Most of the things I wanna say can't be said in polite company... things about all the things I wanna do to him, about how I got all sorts of holes- Oh, "can't be said in polite company" applies here too? Opps... sorry."- Genna
  • "We could tunnel through our past, you with a pickaxe and me evading your swings. Or you could simply accept that what is not mine I cannot give. Ask the other one if you still desire precious things." - Anaïs Palomer
  • "He is young, so feel free to disregard his political acumen and understanding, but do so at your own peril." - Yana Teplova
  • "How quickly his mind trips from debating philosophy or discussing popular culture to managing Atlanta's Court. One might wonder just what else is happening in that mind." - Asher Rothstein
  • "His mind is occupied with all that is possible, and all that might be in the long reaching corridors of eternity... enough that he forgets to mind how he places his feet. Radhi Allah Anhu, alaihi as-salaam." - Augustin de Aragón


  • He's really an ancient Elder who has taken on the mantle of punk rock to blend in with the young and be dismissed by the old.
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Tremere Only Info

Tremere Society: Societatis Magus



  • Taquacores by Michael Muhammad Knight



OOC Information

Player: Wade J

Player Email: [1]

Storyteller: Clint Hauser

Storyteller Email: [2]

Location: Atlanta, GA