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Sect=Anarch Movement
Status= Ancilla
Domain=Portland, OR
Contact Info =Evonne Traffanstedt
DST =Jim (Portland IVST)

LogoVampireAnkh.png Information Known by Kindred Society

Small details change every time she tells the story: her Sire was male, female, old, young, handsome, quirky...but one pair of details never changes. They were Camarilla, and they abandoned her. She seldom speaks about what happened when she was first out on her own, but little things slip. To hear her tell it, the Anarchs saved both her unlife and her sanity.

Calling herself "Anarch for Life", she dislikes both the Camarilla and the Sabbat in equal measure. She occasionally speaks to younger Camarilla members if given a good reason; she avoids Elders of almost any kind as much as she can. She also seems to have a particular antipathy towards Sabbat Tzimisce, and a general uneasiness around Fleshcrafters of any kind (at least until she gets to know them, if they're Anarchs).

Yeah, Anarchs!

Jentry's art form is tattoos and body modification. She claims that she's been doing it since she was mortal. Her pieces are often optical illusions, and have been known to invoke odd emotions in the viewer.

Jentry is currently the Advocate of Portland, and a member of the gang The Argent Host.

LogoVampireAnkh.png Status

  • Authority as Advocate of Portland
  • Mandate as Advocate of Portland

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement.
  • Loyal from Advocate Dottie Youngblood for her participation in the Battle of Brooklyn.
  • Loyal by Popular Acclaim in Portland, OR.

No, really. Legit Toreador.

LogoVampireAnkh.png The Argent Host

Lenore Haywood RIPWreath.png
Phillip Downs

LogoVampireAnkh.png Others

Greg Weisman RIPWreath.png
Meg Sloan
Ollie Mulcahy
Sebastian Hartford
Aisling Knightingale

LogoVampireAnkh.png Timeline

Circa 1984 – Appears in Kindred society for the first time as an unaligned wanderer.
1985 – Disappears.

1995 – Found, extremely injured, in a Louisiana swamp after Hurricane Opal.
Be Still My Ticking Heart..

1996-1997 - Spent time with Morgen working on some personal issues.
1998-1999 - Spends a year as the "guest" of Elizabeth Temple.
1999 – After a "disagreement" with the Toreador, Armand, she travels west and arrives in Portland, OR.
2001 – Runs into Blake Whitehall while vising LA. He becomes an occasional client for tattoo art.
2002 – Goes to the Sasquatch! festival in George, WA. Finds a Sabbat pack posing as a band, and liberates some ghouled slaves with the help of the Ventrue Anarch, Phineas.
2004-2006 - Meets Jaime Mendoza, and does several trade show circuits with him, while exchanging ideas on the nature and function of art.
2009 - Meets Iulian while running from some trouble outside of Grand Rapids.
2013 - Meets Kaya the Nos, when Kaya travels to Portland briefly. The two seem to have a lot in common.
2015 - Runs into "Gentleman" Jack Savage during Mardi Gras.
2016 - Meets Father Michael Ferrari while visiting the Sturgis Festival in South Dakota. She eventually accepts his help as an adviser for Humanity.
2017 - Participates in the Battle of Brooklyn as a scout.
2018 - March: Is in Vancouver BC, the weekend of the "Red Wedding".
2018 - Early September: Attends LeFanu's boat-party; tries to stop the dark things the Methuselah has planned. Isn't very successful.
2018 - Mid September: Disappears for five nights. Comes back with an air of sadness and a renewed desire to make art.
2019 - Early October: She is present at the fall of Free Seattle. She does what she can to help fellow Anarchs caught in the political storm.

LogoVampireAnkh.png Rumors

– During the time she disappeared, she was the Bloodbound slave of a Camarilla Elder.
– During the time she disappeared, she was a member of the Sabbat.
– During the time she disappeared, she was used as a Tremere experiment.

Jentry's Handiwork...

LogoVampireAnkh.png Quotes

  • "I smile, as I see someone sensible say something online. How interesting. Oh! It is my gangmate!" - Lisa Marie
  • "I know her, and regardless of her affiliations, you will speak to her respectfully while in my presence. She has such an art.." - Meg Sloan
  • "I just..did you see..? That was... I can't even describe... wow..." - Kweene
  • "She just makes sense – the kind of sense I want to come out of my mouth." - Chauncey
  • "I sometimes just do things. And then when they don't work out I just skip. Jentry knows how I operate." - 93
  • "What to say about the Anarch known as Jentry? An interesting creature with a penchant for speaking to people she most probably should not of. Still, the potential for an open mind is too much to waste." -Tyrus
  • "She always seems befuddled and uncomfortable. She won't even shake my hand. It is as though she is afraid of catching a disease." - Tsinna
  • "She makes tattoos, and they're great, but pay attention to the message more than the medium or you'll miss out on the real show." - Ethan Allistar
  • "Professional cat herder. Just the right amount of structure her Domain needs." - Zero
  • "Jentry... we had a rocky start... but she means well and she's always got your back. I know that any Anarch could turn to her and find safe haven within her domain. I've seen it. She's what the movement SHOULD be... an example that they should all strive to follow." - Avery Barnes
  • "What a person to sit down and talk with. She has opened my eyes, there is more than the structure of the Camarilla, that promotes a freedom that isn't fully in linement with the Camarilla." - Fernie Cherrywood
  • ""Miss Jentry is a leader I will gladly follow. She does what's right for the Movement and for others. Though the tattoo on me is no longer there, but the mark she left on my is precious and greater."" - Aisling Knightingale
  • "Your quote here." - You

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LogoVampireAnkh.png OOC Info

Looking for ties to other Anarchs starting in 1996 and onward.
Looking for clients in any (Non-Sabbat) Sect who want Absent Sway Temporary Tattoos for parties and special occasions.
Looking for a Camarilla Sire to have abandoned me (I know space in lineages is precious, but if you've got room and want a low-level antagonist in your life...).