Jeremy MacNeil

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Jeremy MacNeil

  • Embrace date: 1657 CE
  • Generation: 8th
  • Clan: Brujah
  • Sire: James the Red
  • Sect Affiliation: Anarch
  • Current Location: United States
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Anarch

General Information

A Brujah, Jeremy MacNeil is one of the most famous Anarchs and co-founder of the Anarch Free States. MacNeil was formerly a Scottish rebel against English unification and rule. Known to have strong feelings for Marguerite Foccart, he and Marguerite arrived on the West Coast of the United States in 1943. Because of his reputation he was instantly disliked by numerous Camarilla Princes. He has been in hiding with allies since the turn of the 21st century.

Titles and Accolades

Known Childer

Past Locations

Scotland France United Kingdom

Privileged Information

Anarch Lore:

  • Though it sustained several assaults from the Sabbat and Camarilla, the Free State finally was dismantled due to incursions from the mysterious Cathayans of the East and various separate treaties signed by the Anarch holdings in 1998 CE. Despite this overall failure, MacNeil is still a heralded figure among the Movement, with many wishing him to take a more active leadership role for the future of the Sect.
  • MacNeil, along with Tyler, is suspected of fueling the idea of New Carthage among the Anarchs. He, however, seems to see it as a rights issue for mortals and vampires alike.
  • MacNeil’s beating at the hands of the then Prince Don Diego spurred “The Second Anarch Revolt” in 1944 CE as a violation of the Treaty of Thorns. Under MacNeil’s battle-hardened guidance, the “Free State” was born. MacNeil, a dreamer and Idealist despite being a 400-year old Elder, chose not to lead directly, and as a result the Free State essentially fractured over time.


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