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Apocalypse PC

Player: Arthur Dreese
Character: Jeremy "Runs-Red" Swanson
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Fenrir
Breed: Metis
Pack: Knight's Angels
Sept: Sept of Ancient Hope
Position: None

Glory: #
Honor: #
Wisdom: #

Domain: Grand Designs, Grand Rapids, MI
VST: Matthew Howes

Usual Appearance

A picture of Jeremy by Arthur Dreese

In Crinos, Jeremy is a wall of stocky fur and muscle. Standing over 9 feet tall, Jeremy's fur is mostly a palette of gray fur with dark and light accents. However, jutting from prominent areas on his body, long growths of bone protrude and jut from his skin, leaving a reddish hue around those areas. His body is covered in battle wounds with scars from bullets, claws, teeth, and burns. Long blondish hair is either tied back or hangs loose, and his chin-beard is longish and sometimes decorated with a bead. Across his back is a large scar in the shape of the Get of Fenris glyph.

In Homid form, Jeremy is a 6'2" white Caucasian of Norse decent with long blond hair and a long reddish beard. He stands like The Mountain with the physique of a power lifter rather than a body builder. Jagged bone spurs protrude from his skin, leaving the tissues reddened and iratated. He often wears simple clothes like Tshirt and jeans, but sometimes a kilt too. When he is in public, he often wears very baggy clothing and hoods to conceal his monstrous bone protrusions.

In Lupus, Jeremy is a broad, stocky wolf with gray fur with dark and light accents. Bone protrusions stick up out of his fur, leaving the lighter fur reddish in hue in spots


A picture of Jeremy by Dark Natasha

Jeremy "Runs-Red" Swanson is a Fenrir Metis. He may be Ragabash, but his heart is in the fight for glory and honor. He is comfortable with who he is, not necessarily what others think he is, and lets his deeds and actions speak for him more than rumors or assumptions. He's a pretty decent guy, often trying to help folks out when he can, but not afraid to move quickly into a fight when necessary.

Character Information

Name: Jeremy "Runs-Red" Swanson

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Pack: Knight's Angels

Rank: Fostern

Home Sept:

Notable Traits:

Title or Positon: None

Former Pack: Wednesday Morning


More to come.

A picture of Jeremy by Leonardo Albiero

The poor Metis has bone spurs that grow so large that they protrude from his flesh. Thankfully, he acquired the Gift to resist the pain and can function fairly normally. He's a fighter, and while he's more than capable of going full-on warrior-mode, this Ragabash tends to try to come up with different means of taking on his enemies... but sometimes the full-assault is what's needed, and often not expected from a Raggie.

While the bone spurs give him some bit of protection, Gaia saw to slow his healing, so his wounds don't heal as quickly as other Garou.

Early Life

When Jeremy was born, there weren't any real notable defects for the infant. His mother, and Elders thought maybe it would be more mental, or spiritual in nature. But after some time, he became more and more fussy. Then he was crying constantly. Late one night they took him to a Kinfolk veterinarian who ran some X-rays to see what might be the problem... and they noticed strange protrusions on his bones. The baby had small bone spurs that were causing him great discomfort. They tried to medicate with pain-killers, and mystical help, but it barely helped. After a year or so, the more aggressive bone spurs began to press against his skin, and with no way of hindering their growth, eventually erupted through the flesh.

The more the protrusions grew through his skin, the slower the young Metis could heal from other wounds. In fact, around the places where the bone would push through, his fur would be reddened with blood. By the grace of Gaia, he was able to learn one Gift at an early age, the spirit trick allowed him to become numb to the pain, and he was finally in relief. As Jeremy grew older, those bone spurs continued to grow--while his entire skeleton is mostly covered in such spurs, they tend to grow the largest in areas where there are sharp angles, or the bone comes closest to the skin. This bone can sometimes act a bit like natural armor, which allows him to take more damage in battle, but because his body is constantly healing form the flesh attempting to close around the bone, he actually heals from combat wounds more slowly.

It is because of the near-constant bloody wounds that tint his fur that he was given the name "Runs-Red".

Tribal Scar

In the Northern Michigan Sept he was raised in, Lief, the eldest Fenrir, refused to teach or train him, constantly testing his devotion and skills. After Jeremy's Rite of Passage, the Fenrir had one last test... Jeremy would have to be marked as a Fenrir and accept the mark without the use of his Gift. A rite was performed that negated the spiritual trick that relieved him of his pain and Jeremy knelt with all of the willpower he could muster to keep from screaming for the moments there without any other action but the spurs and bones assaulting his flesh from within. But the true test was when the heated silver Klaive was set upon his back, and carved out the Glyph of the Fenrir. Jeremy almost faltered, calling upon a reserve of energy he'd never been able to tap into before as the minutes passed... the marking of his back would have been enough to make most warriors falter, but his entire body felt like it was a battleground of pain and terror. Still, he mustered every bit of energy he had until the act was finished. He continued to kneel... and when the elder Fenrir Leif was finished he managed the words to thank him... and when he walked away, Jeremy attempted to stand, but passed out from the pain.

He came to several hours later. His ability to ignore the pain had returned, but it took more than a week for those wounds to close, but he had earned the begrudging respect of Lief.


  • Fought an army of Banes.
  • Raising of a Caern.
  • Saved Farie from Formori

Battle Scars

  • Severe acid burns on his right neck/shoulder.
  • Deep gouges in bridge of nose from claws


  • Rumors



    OOC Information

    A picture of Arthur Dreese

    Player: Arthur Dreese

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