Jericho Gunn

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Name: Jericho Gunn
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Gangrel
City: Dallas
Lineage: Vengrel
Noteable Traits: It's not clear when, but most likely a recent development. He is covered, head to toe, in rattlesnake scales, it is unclear what type at this point.


"Minds are a funny thing, and the older we become the more we forget. Or, the detailed features of a once all to familiar face become fuzzy, and fade as if the ink, was smeared. It is both a blessing and a curse, imagine what it would be like to recall everything in such vivid detail. It'd would possibly drive you mad. I once, could, and as much as I curse the creature that was my sire, it is funny to me that of all the powers he gave me. It is the ability to forget, I find most precious."

Formerly, an heirloom ghoul to Harold Custance, and his House. Embraced, as a bastard, in a conflict that narrowly cost him his life. Jericho, has a rugged, and somewhat somber demeanor. Preferring silence, perhaps something built into him, after his long tenure as a ghoul. Though, do not let it, go unsaid, that if he has something to say, or if asked his opinion on a matter that he wont voice it. Polite, and well mannered. A contrast to his preferred attire, and look.

Not known, for leaving a insult unpunished. Possibly, long after the insult has happened. With the perpetrator, not even being aware, or having wholly forgot the incident. After all, Vampires exist a very long time.


  • "You must be in dire need to come to me. Disregarding, the rules of our society. That which makes us great, should always be respected, and adhered to." - Jericho Gunn
  • To Stella Vengrel: "I think he cares very much about you, and Mr. Kingston, and the rest of the House. But I think he hardly knows it of himself. It is hard, I think, the older you are, the more powerful the blood. The heart moves slowly I imagine. But powerfully. Like a glacier. Cold, maybe. But tremendously powerful." - Brenda Bittersea
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  • He may claim to be Gangrel. But ask yourself, be honest. How many Gangrel do you know that are, that well connected? How, many use every individuals title when they meet them, or actually prefers etiquette? LIKE, I hear he refers to his Lineage as a House! I mean, has anyone even seen him use Protean?
  • If he had it his way, his lineage would run the Camarilla...
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Jericho Gunn

Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Kitchen Sink (Dallas TX-058-D)
Player: Nolan Dean
VST: Contact Here

Name: Nolan Dean
Member Number: US2013080072
Domain: Dallas, TX