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Jerome "Rome" Dunsirn

Commonly Known Information

Name: Jerome "Rome" Dunsirn

Clan: Giovanni

Sect: Independent Alliance

Social Class: Neonate

Apparent Age: Mid 30's


Rome was born into the Dunsirn family in the late 1800's. As most are, he was groomed from a young age to hone his talents in very particular areas, enjoying a very privileged upbringing and rigorous education. He showed particular affinities in languages, numbers, and reading people. He graduated with dual degrees in Economics and Psychology, and has parlayed his knowledge of the two into a considerable wealth and network of allies; all to the benefit of the family, of course.

Rome oversees the finances and investments of several members of the family in the area, gives advice and strategy in business matters, and provides introductions and acts as an intermediary for dealings with mortals. Additionally he is fluent in nearly a dozen languages, and has mastered nearly as many occult subjects; making him an excellent aid for the family when they need access to either of those skills. The "gifts" he receives from the family for his services allowed him to begin making his own investments in new areas; and he has been successful enough to parlay those into several holding companies that individually own dozens of businesses themselves.

Rome became so adept at his role in the family, that he was able to setup a system to conduct most of his duties with very little direct oversight from himself; leaving him an abundance of free time in his day to day life. Some wonder why, as talented as he seems to be, he has not yet earned his place as more than a ghoul among the family. Others believe that it must either simply be a matter of time, or that he is more useful to the family in his current state than he would be otherwise.

His current situation is quite unorthodox. He has found himself gifted to Camilla White, a present from Hamish Dunsirn. What his precise role is for her, as well as how that affects his work with the family, is a source of much speculation.

Jerome was Embraced in mid 2018, under interesting circumstances. He has not been seen in Atlanta in several months.


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