Jerry Smith

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A rare view of Jerry's true form

Jerry Smith

Commonly Known Information

Notable Traits

Jerry is notably shy and awkward Nosferatu neonate recently arrived to the Phoenix Domain. He has shown ability to deal with lone Hunters, and to provide surveillance, security, and IT services. He typically appears concealed by Mask of a Thousand Faces as a unremarkable milquetoast, wearing deeply unfashionable clothing. High-water jeans, fanny packs, and socks with sandals are to be expected.







Generation/Social Class



Acknowledged (Neonate)
Favored (The Conductor)


Jerry arrived in the Domain of Phoenix in November of 2017. He claims to be a native Phoenician when he was a mortal, which was only several years ago. Though socially awkward, he seems extremely enthusiastic about aiding Domain in whatever way he can. Shortly after arriving, Jerry and several other neonates dealt with a lone Hunter under the demands of an unknown Kindred named "M Elder". After being Acknowledged, Jerry and the other neonates involved were questioned about the occurrence, and this mysterious "M Elder". Jerry cooperated fully, and provided the Seneschal, Sheriff, and Scourge with his account of the events surrounding the lone Hunter and his part in the events that unfolded. He is available through a secure email answering service by request in person, as the address rotates and becomes unavailable monthly.
Jerry has shown an ongoing interest in the Security of the Domain, and has offered his services to Sheriff Jal "Izzy" Iskander before the change in Praxis from Prince Parker to Prince Drescher saw Alexander Riley appointed to the position of Sheriff. After the gathering of the Orchid Orgy, Jerry was made Deputy by Sheriff Alexander Riley for his continued interest and service to the security of the Domain. He led a messy raid against a hunter cell and successfully concluded an investigation into Caitiff being sired by unknown Kindred without obtaining permission from the Prince. At the conclusion of the investigation, Alexander Riley stepped down and Jerry was appointed by Prince Drescher to the position.


  • Jerry may not actually be the nebbish figure he presents. He is rumored to have a capacity for sudden and great violence.
  • Jerry is notoriously hard to get a hold of, and displays extreme paranoia about the location of his Haven. Where does he stay and what is he hiding?
  • Jerry claims to be a native Phoenician and to have been embraced extremely recently, he must have some connections still in the Domain from when he was a mortal. Perhaps some of his family or friends are still alive.


  • "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."
  • "You have everything in the world you want; you’ve told me about your home, and your family, and your own little zoo. You have everything, and now you want this bench. Are these the things men fight for? Tell me, Peter, is this bench, this iron and this wood, is this your honour? Is this the thing in the world you’d fight for? Can you think of anything more absurd?"
    -Jerry, The Zoo Story
  • "Young Jerry reminds me of the great gift Clan Nosferatu grants to its brethren--freedom to define one's self. His mortal life burned away so recently, yet Jerry heeds the call of his blood, his community, and his own sense of purpose. Appearance is a game. Character is truth. I pity any who choose to mistake his appearance for his character."
    -The Conductor

Character Inspiration

  • Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty
  • William Foster from Falling Down
  • Jerry from The Zoo Story
  • Hal from Malcolm in the Middle

OOC Information

Player: Jay Simpson
Player Email:
Storyteller: Wade Yorke
Storyteller Email:
Location: Phoenix, AZ