Jesse Armstrong

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=== Commonly Known Information ===

Name: Jesse Armstrong , (Mage only: Starlord)

Notable Traits: Spacer

Type: (OOC) Mage (IC) Human

Character Type Subgroup: (OOC) Moros, Techgnotic Union

Union: Merchant

M.F.P: Patrolman/Pilot (Subcontracted via Merchant Union)

Department: Cyber Crimes

Badge: MFP4099

=== Biography ===

He came to the crucible system to find business ventures, but ended up having to subcontract with the MFP for money so he wouldn't go into debt. Records indicate he is a spacer( born in space) but to date has never really been able to accomplished much.

=== Rumors ===

  • He's a reformed space pirate.
  • He is connected to the Armstrong trading company
  • Hes afraid of commitment
  • He has more money than sense

=== Quotes ===

  • "Jesse... Jesse... who? Wait, he actually exists?! How have I STILL not met him?" -Ravi Kerensky
  • "If it ask if you are a spirit Jesse, you say... yes!"- Maxwell Powers
  • "I don't trust you."-Ryuichi

=== OOC Information ===

Player: Nat Calvert

Player Email:

Storyteller: James Strader

Storyteller Email:

Location: AL-020-D