Jessica Skull

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jessica Skull
Clan: Toreador
Lineage: House Byrd
Sect: Camarilla
City: Houston, TX

Noteable Traits:

Jessie, as she prefers to be called, prefers clothing of a more revealing design due to the nature of her chosen art form. She is usually a sassy, fun loving girl who adores her Sire and respects those who have authority over her.


  • Acknowledged Neonate of the Camarilla


1994- Jessica was born and grew up in a home with a mostly absent father and a pill-addicted mother. She was an only child, though, when he father was around he drank in excess and would physically abuse her and her mother.
2009- At the age of 15, she ran away from home no longer able to take the neglect and abuse any longer. At first, she drifted from town to town.
2011- At the age of 17 she got her first job at the exotic dance club in the town she was in by lying about her age.
2014- Meets Oliver Skull and after a short whirlwind romance is embraced into clan Toreador.
2018- Relocated to Houston with her Sire.

Allies, Associates, and Enemies


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OOC Information

Player: Ashley Weeks
Player Email:
Storyteller: Dain Geist
Storyteller Email:
Location: Lake Charles, LA