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Name: Jet

Notable Traits: Rainbow Hair; Spring Mantle 5 manifesting in a scent of fresh lavender around her; A Mask that is impossible to simple see through (Rigid Mask).

Type: Changeling

Character Type Subgroup: Elemental Spring Courtier

One of the few remaining tenders of Bastion, she has worn herself down to the point of exhaustion trying to keep the Trods in order and the Hedge in some semblance of safety. When she talks to you, there’s an ever-present smile on her face, and if that doesn’t catch your eye, then her rainbow-coloured hair certainly will. But what few notice, is that there’s a deep sadness in her eyes, of an untold loss. She spends what time she can working at the casino as a Floor Manager to ensure she never is lacking a source of desire-fueled Glamour.



Luton and Dunstable are the domain of the changelings. They have lived in this area and been caretakers here since 1120 when Freehold Bastion was established.


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MKNPC.Jetmarker.png Doom Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Jetmarker.png Farsight Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Jetmarker.png Ophelia Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Jetmarker.png Oberon Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Jetmarker.png Lisbeth Benson Random chick who hangs around
MKNPC.Jetmarker.png Corven Elemental who helps to patrol the Hedge when he can.


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MKNPC.Jetmarker.png My rainbow light at the end of a very dark tunnel. - Lisbeth Benson
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This is an NPC for the Milton Keynes CoD-X Game