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"Jimmy is such a dear! I'm glad Rowan and I were able to take him in when we did. I like to think we have helped to shape him into what he is today. Omberge certainly seemed to like him." -Rhiannon Byrd

"Do I know Jimmy? There's not too many people in his line of work that I don't know. But I CAN tell you easily enough though, that if you want some info, he's probably got it. If you want someone else to have that info, he can take care of that too. The question is... can you afford his services? It's the small price to pay for a notable bit of intel, I assure you." -Övé Háskell

"Black sheep of the family? Of course, he's the black sheep. That's what makes him so useful." -Cyrus Eddington

"Jimmy said he would put his information to the taster's challenge. Jimmy does not disappoint." - Maciek Albescu

"Jimmy is a talented member of his clan. Aside from talent he can bring me a smile in just a short conversation, for that and many other reasons he is dear to me." -Rowan Byrd

"Sit down and play some cards with Jimmy sometime - you might learn a thing or two." - Jade Ransen

"When I need something, I ask James. He often provides it, and thus I provide my patronage." - Carden d'Vergobret

"Jimmy who? Oh, the guy in the sunglasses! I nicknamed him Servire Sexypants. It confuses him." - Jentry

"He is soooo much fun, guys! You've gotta give Jimmy a run sometime!" - Kweene

"His theatricality in his arguments were a highlight of the Rant. I would love to hear his thoughts on other topics and would gladly invite him to future debates." - Asher Meier

"Such like a supes like cool dude. Even if like he can't like talk to like turtles." - Karma

"Jimmy has a tongue as thorned as one of the Roses, he's quite apt at inspiring action in others." - Yvette Hightower

"The right kind of monster you need for the right kind of job... for the right price. But if you know what's best, prepare a contingency plan, because Mr. Kincaid cannot be easily pinned down." - Thaddeus Moreau

"Polite. Efficient. Intelligent. This makes him trustworthy. Only call on him when you are 100% certain that you want a thing done." - Madeleine Tonnerre

"There are only five Kindred that I refer to by first name. Jimmy is one of them." - Selene D'Etienne

"He has a very singular, and direct approach. While dealing with a recent investigation, he was forthright and honest. I quite enjoy working with a man of Mr. Kincaid's quality."
Mr. Blackett

"Many might look to this rare kindred and apply adroit to him. I believe, in earnest, that is not even the half of it. Watching him move among young and old alike, modifying everything from tone to stance based upon whom he speaks to and where, no... adroit is insufficient. This kindred is a master of ways, and in time it would surprise me naught if hundreds would rally behind the banner of mastery he displays. Made all the more impressive by his relative youth." - Amyntas

"You have to watch for the ones that put in the work. Not the ones who get their hands dirty, though he'll do that, or the ones that serve the needs of their elders, though he'll do that. The ones who take a job, sink their teeth into it and refuse to relent until it gets done. Jimmy gets it done and Jimmy gets paid." - Ethan Allistar

"OMG, have you like ever like rubbed him like all over your face? No, like no that's not weird!" - Karma

"Jimmy's a good guy to know. But he needs a new wardrobe. When you beat a guy's ass dressed like a bum, you look like an afterthought. Happenstance. Being well dressed means you bring your malice with forethought." - Uncle Paolo

"I ain't that big a fighter, but I'd be right next to Jimmy on the battlefield again and again, because I've seen his heart and know it's in the right place. #BattleBuddies" - Vex Vandal

"Which one of us is the good cop again? Can I get a do over?" - Maris Bell

"He is wasted in that menial service." - Valrbjørn

"I have always adored the Nosferatu. They are forced to wear their true nature for all to see. Pitty they have been taught to hide such honesty because many of us abhor seeing what lurks within us all. I challenge all kindred to gaze at Monsieur Kincaid's eyes. Oh the beauty you will see... Truly intoxicating." - Desarae Preaue de Avignon

"I appreciate Servire Kincaid's dedication to doing his duty, properly, no matter what the cost - despite his firm knowledge of the likely cost of such dedication. He reminds me of the Japanese Imperial Rescript to Soldiers and Sailors. 'Duty is as heavy as a Mountain. Death is as light as a feather.' Young Servire Kincaid lives this belief." - Gaius Aquillius

"Take a lesson from the noble trash panda: be sneaky, be clean, and be bold." - Lucy

"He keeps shitty company, but I can't help but be impressed by his devotion to his ideals. I just hope he can manage to be a good influence on them instead of the other way around, you know?" - Kyle Morgan

"I really shouldn't like the guy. He's a Servire. I'm an Anarch. But I can't help myself. We get along in our own weird way. And he does make a real cute raccoon..." - Avery Barnes

"He is competent. Capable. I would put him at my back and feel confident that the mission would succeed. This is not a common statement." - Maksim Volk

"I've known Jimmy for a while now. We worked well together. We had a good understanding, despite our differences. Then he stole my kill. I will not forget it." - Uncle Paolo

"Worst. Nosferatu. Ever." - Meg Sloan

Echoes in the Darkness: The Departed

"A rising star of the Camarilla, I have granted this Ancilla my Favour. Please ask him about how agent H155 is doing when you see him?" - Cornelia Mowebary

"Mr.Kincaid? He's capable, if foul mouthed. I worry that his connections to several powerful figures in our Ivory Tower has given him an inflated sense of his own importance. I hope that that it doesn't result in his final death one of these nights". - Kira Mantle

"When you need to catch up on this stuff, ask Kincaid. He's two steps ahead on this conspiracy, not that it's doing him any favors." - Simon Walker

"His favorite animal is a raccoon."

"He tore off a Caitiff's head for suggesting the Masquerade needed to fall."

"Jimmy nurses sympathies for the Anarch Movement."

"Jimmy's loyalty to his Sire has become strained lately due to an internal issue within Clan Nosferatu."