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“El hambre agudiza el ingenio”


The Story Begins

Jimmy isn't an amnesiac. He remembers his life before he became a Cainite. But none of that matters. His story starts with a sharp pain in the back of his head, liquid fire pouring down his throat, and a mad scramble of dirt, limbs, and fury as he emerged from the ground to the sounds of hoots and hollers from above him. Empty of everything but the Beast, he was shoved into a bus full of other half-sentient monsters that was sent crashing into a fancy gallery occupied by monsters in fancy clothes. Most of the bus didn't survive the fight, but Jimmy did. Along with Hector Diego Alvarez de Aragon and a few others who became his first pack, Jimmy was shipped from war zone to war zone, thrown again and again into the thick of the fighting. It was all he knew, and he loved it. There was no time for lessons in the rich history of the Sabbat, Cainites in general, or the Clans. Besides, he was a worthless Pander, just meat to be ground in the war machine.

And then... it ended. With the inking of the Chicago Blood Accords, the fighting stopped (Though not nearly as immediately as some might have desired). Suddenly, the thrill of combat and the brotherhood required in a foxhole was no longer there to mortar together the bonds of Vaulderie, and personalities clashed. The pack eventually split as each Cam-shocked fighter tried to find their way through a world where the Sabbat was at peace with their ancient enemy. Yes, there were hunters to destroy, and occasionally a Wild Hunt... but it wasn't enough.

After years of wandering from one Sabbat domain to another, Jimmy finally washed up on the shores of the island of Martinique. There, he was a thorn in the paw of the diocese, agitating and causing trouble. He made his haven in an abandoned boxing gym until it was torched by unknown Kindred.

After its near destruction, he joined the pack Carpe Noctum with Alida and Prescott. Slowly, he began to mature just a little bit. He answered the call to battle in Ocean City against the infernalist cults, and stood toe to toe with their demonic master until driven into torpor. He attended the Synod of 2018, and gained fame there both during the Loyalist debates, and later as part of the mob that tore apart the traitorous Loyalist Vicar who had betrayed them all to the Unblinded Brotherhood. Later, he represented the Pander Movement in the hunt for an escaped monster in Mexico.

During the Synod of 2019, he gained even more prominence as one of the Cainites who dragged the Unblinded Brotherhood's Regent Joseph Pander to account for his betrayal and murder of Temoch the Jackal. Along with "Lumber" Jack and Dane Deliverance, it was his knife that ended the traitor's unlife. Shortly afterwards, he left the Pander movement in order to compete for the position of Archbishop of Martinique.

He won the five-way duel that was decided on, and assumed the title. Now, he struggles to make the right choices in a position he clearly wasn't ready for... but he'll die trying, because it's what needs to be done.

The Things They Say About Me

  • ”He fights fiercely and is worthy of the title of archbishop. While I hesitate at seeing him formerly under the banner of the loyalists, I will fight by his side” - The Spectre
  • "He's cute. Fiery. Has a lot of passion that I can admire. If there's anything he's lacking it's in his brain but that's something he can figure out. Still, I'd like to see what he looks like with his hair down." Judge Evans
  • "Jimmy has been my rock through some of the worst times of my recent life. Whenever I'm in trouble, I can always count on him to be at my back, staring down my enemies with that look of his. It's almost like having Wolfgang still beside me. Almost. Still, if there's ever anything I can do to protect Jimmy in return, you better believe I'll do it." - Prescott Grimaldi
  • "Jimmy is one of the three of us that made it through. I consider him my brother, my family, and would stand beside him against hell--or Gabriel--if he led us there. He also makes a kick ass Archbishop." - Alida
  • "At first, I had questions about whether or not Jimmy is an adequate Archbishop. He's reckless, dedicated, and committed to a purpose and none can persuade him otherwise. He is more of a Cainite then most other Cainites, and I soon realized the reason that the reason I had questions about him is because he is quite like myself in those respects." - Deliverance Dane
  • "A keen tactician, a formidable warrior, and probably the only one who can herd the cats that make up this diocese and unite them in to a formidable group." - William Carver

Dirty Rumors

  • Whispers say that he was a UBB sympathizer before someone in the group betrayed him. He doesn't disagree with them, he just wants to kill them for personal reasons.
  • He's actually a Brujah elder who's masquerading as a young rebel to keep his true nature hidden
  • He was once captured by Lupines, but they let him go. He must be in league with them.

OOC Information

Player: Joshua Teitelbaum

Player Email: joshrteitelbaum@gmail.com

Storyteller: Caroline

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-sabbat-staff@googlegroups.com

Location: Martinique (MES Virtual)