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From the East...

There is woman born graced with eyes of the sea. She hails from the land blessed by the moon in the human legends, especially in her season of birth. She is unlike her counterparts of the East, not of the Fera nor the Stargazers as one would expect, but of the Silver Fang. In particular from the House of Blood Red Crest. She's small in stature and easily lost in crowds. However, Jinghua has a smile like forgiveness and arms that will outstretch for those who never seem to return when they go. Maybe that's why she's always so unconditional with her loving heart, after all, that's always a Mother's curse isn't it?


Name (Westernized): Jinghua Leta Zheng

Deed Names: Justice Unflinching

Rank: Adren

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Silver Fang

House: Blood Red Crest

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Pack: Heaven's Way

What the Public Knows

Jinghua was born in Henan Providence in the city of Zhengzhou, as Tse Jinghua Leta to Tse Senhau and Ai-Shi in the October of 1964. Her life was to be one of privilege and promise.

That was until 1966 and the Cultural Revolution started. The Tse family did what they could to survive during those ten years of the Revolution. Jinghua learned to keep both her mother and herself safe while her father was about the country.

As the Revolution ended in 1976 the Tse family learned that Senhau had passed. Thus the women ended being supported by extended family and Jinghua's life started to return to normal. Shortly afterwards a marriage was arranged to a doctor by the name of Zheng Yaochuan. So when in 1982 they had their first child together it was a blessing to the family. Unfortunately, it was met with the hardship of her child being abducted.

Jinghua moved forward with her life and seeked out a career in counseling. The next few years would be full of happiness for her with her career and a growing family. Eventually, through a continued a search effort, her stolen child was found. Though that time would be short lived as the family would be split up and find themselves reunited in America.

What the Nation Knows

Jinghua comes from lineage of Silver Fangs that are known to be well connected, driven, and dedicated in their support for the Garou Nation and the war against the Wyrm. They accomplish this goal by noting the birth moon of each member of the family and begining the training of the child even before they can be trusted to know what they are training for. Jinghua would have began her life as Garou with a headstart if not for the Cultural Revolution.

The Cultural Revolution hardened Jinghua. Though not everything that she saw there has come to light. It known that that era of time taught her more than it should have. She furthered her education with her mother and fellow shifters that created a strong personal understanding of the Culture, Tribe, and Nation for her.

Jinghua's first change is linked with the misfortune of her son being stolen. This has lead to a journey down a dozen roads with a million phone calls, letters, and visits to those that found that they needed her for one reason or another. It manifested into a set of skills that have proved useful for providing cover for First Changes. So that the new cubs could be welcomed into the Nation. She's been called in on multiple occasions for many Garou.

Still Jinghua has had duties to attend to as a Philodox. A few of the cases for her with a Silver Fang Ragabash deeded named “The Devil You Know” for a violation of the litany against the Caern that included one of her sons. She passed judgment on them both though it came at a grave cost. The second case was for again, a violation against the Caern, by a former packmate, “Fireheart”, a Ahroun Wendigo. In both cases she was unflinching and showed she was levelheaded, stern, and fair.

Otherwise, the Nation knows that Jinghua trained in part under the Fannon family. As time progressed she would change packs from time as is the nature of packs. Then there was the lost of her entire pack under the lead of Ambrose Silverheart during the battle for the Sept of the Crescent Moon. With Henry William Howard she would stay with the Wyvern’s Sting for sometime until she give her word. In 2014 she became the Truthcather at the Sept of Buffalo Grass.

The Way the River Flows

  • William Henry Howard - Jinghua helped mentor William after his first change and later joined him in Wyvern's Sting when he reformed the pack. She has remained a close confidant and friend ever since.
  • Your Name – Explanation.

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With the Palest Ink are the Memories Left

  • "You are not alone. I am here, and I'm not going anywhere." - Jinghua Zheng
  • "OOOHHHHH! You're like a spirit guide then!" - (Spanish)

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Lotus Blossoms and Swamps Traps (Truth and Rumors)

  • Is adopted by the family that raised her. It's unknown of where she actually comes from.
  • Has many siblings spread throughout the tribes.
  • Tried to hook one of her Kin daughters up with the son of a certain Fenrir Legend. Jury's still out on how that went.

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OOC Information, Playlist, and Inspirations

Player: C. Neujahr

Storyteller: D. Strouts

Location: Manhattan, KS



  • “Someone's parents have been singing entirely the wrong sort of songs.” - Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind
  • "Shine in the dark places and shine like the day because love never had a childhood./Because hate grows up too soon." - 'Bedtime Stories (Shine)' by Shane Koyczan

- Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda
- Model: Yifei Liu

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