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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In

Notable Traits: Wedding Ring, Fetish Gun named "Progess", Leather Jacket

Pack: Gumshoe Guard

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Puerto Rico, Sept of the Gathering Tides


Josephine Blair and her twin sister Marilyn were born into the passion and purpose that was the Black Furies, their mother an Elder of her tribe shortly after their Birth. The two were handling guns and training for war as soon as they could hold them, and they were never short on lessons both in warfare and awareness of tyranny and injustice: particularly how to fight it. Both took these to heart, becoming deadly warriors and passionate defenders. But their paths still managed to diverge. If there was trouble, Jo was assured to be at the heart of it. Even when she wasn't personally to blame, she had a habit of taking on the punishment, both to protect her sibling, and to protect their parents' hope that at least one of their daughters wouldn't be a complete screw-up.

As much as she was a troublemaker from a young age, she developed an equal reputation as a romantic of sorts. Openly bi, she enjoyed trysts with all manner of shifter and kin, though she was first truly swept off her feet with her high school sweetheart, and a young Silver Fang Homid, also a twin. They had made rash plans for a future that was never to be, as the war descended harshly on everyone with renewed fervor. Her first love was lost in the war, and Jo spent the next years throwing herself between battles and dalliances, only anchored by her Sister and blossoming pack. Shawn, long-time family defender, took especial care to push Jo to find her balance, and as she did life manifested in the rush of battles.

They formed a pack of Youngbloods with Jo at the head (all the better to take the blame, to her mind). And she met the dashing detective Vera Fay, who would become her wife. All of her developing family were busy though, from concolations to assaults on Pentex, to negotiating with Fae and Vampires. All in a day's work for Garou.


Melody Falls
Marilyn Jean Blair
Shawn Snyder

Kinfolk of the Pack
Vera Fay-Blair


  • "Jo reminds me why I love Black Furies so much. And she does it without making faces at me because of my Tribe! That's less common than it should be." - Jen Ahlberg
  • "Jo is Sanctum, but she understands the Concordat. I see her and I know what she is. A bridge. This is how we are similar." - StrongTalk
  • "If only more Sanctum members were like Jo." - Hollis Faraday
  • "She offered to teach me to fight. She also annoyed the Lord of the Sept. I have mixed feelings about this." - Troyan Laskaris
  • "I appreciate Let the Daylight In because she speaks her mind. I can't always follow what she's saying, but I can always be confident she means it." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "She's got quite the mouth on her, that I can say with confidence." - Thyra Laskaris
  • "She concerns me. Given the state of the Sept and her apparent disregard for any sort of tact in dealing with others, I must wonder if she will be the one who finally bring our destruction." - Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees
  • "Hardass woman with a chip on her should and a zero fucks attitude. Seen her type before, and I am never impressed with it. She is effective though, so that much is going for her." - Amasis Sabry
  • "She's completely tactless with a shoot first ask questions later attitude. She's my favorite Black Fury." - Martial Law
  • "There is something to be said for one who simply does what they need to do, without reservation and without apology." Delta
  • "My dear, we've never met, but you should know that I adore you." 'Spector
  • "Best... fist bumps... ever" - Shipsinker
  • "Quote here." - Character Name here


Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc
Demi Lovato - Confident
Christian Kane - Whiskey in Mind
Andy Grammer - Honey, I'm Good
Miranda Lambert - Something Bad
Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

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