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Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
"Though justice be thy plea consider this, that in the course of justice none of us should see salvation - Shakespeare"


The Deets


Name: Josephine "Jo" Trevino
Deed Name: Born of the Fray Guardian of the Fera Thundercat
Tribe: Bastet - Simba
Auspice: Twilight - Philodox
Rank: Athro
Pack: SquadGoals
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon Wayward Caern
Position: Sept Leader - Wayward Caern
Monikers: Hero, Gallant

Everything you Need to Know

Jo is mixed race with startling blue eyes. Secretive and solitary even for a Bastet. She graduated from UTSA, where she was the Head Cheerleader, in 2017. She is currently attending St. Mary's School of Law. Vivacious and out going as far as the world can see, she uses her persona of ignorance to keep everyone guessing as to how much she really knows and understands. Recently she stood in as Bodyguard and Bridesmaid for Siobhán Ní Chorráin at her wedding to Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat. Since then she has become the Sept Leader of Wayward Caern, a Fera controlled Caern in Texas.

  • Born in New York - 1995
  • Moved to San Antonio with her Mother, Mary Trevino, - 2000
  • Left San Antonio after recovering from her injuries received during the final battle for the Caern – 2008
  • Returned to San Antonio – 2016
  • Established Wayward Caern - 2018
  • Went to Wales to defend the Sept of Oak Vale - 2018 To Hive or Hive Not

My Crew and Squad


People Just Can't Stop Talking about this Hawtness

  • Ran a burglary crew in Rohnert Park, California.
  • Really likes rats. Even let one motorboat her.
  • Related to BlackTooth
  • Can down a standard keg in 20 seconds.
  • Single-handly took down 5 Spirals in 13 minutes w/o smearing her makeup or getting blood splattered. She's just that good.
  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)

Go On, Everyone Else Is Talkin' About Me

  • "Do not mistake her mannerisms for ignorance, you'd be wiser to turn your back on a fiend." - Mama
  • "I may have to 'babysit' her pack officially, but there's nothing that leads me to believe she is much of a child. Cat's land on their feet after all and I'm sure she'll do no different." - Annverasti Mjullmann
  • "She needs to learn when its the right time to protect her packmates, or let them learn a valuable lesson. Not all of the Garou are for this alliance with the Fera. There are those that are against it, and will zealously defend it. - "Soothes_The_Heart"
  • "Her actions are an accurate reflection of her kind." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "Chess is about planning your moves, reading your opponent, being flexible enough for change, and sometimes being bold. The same can be said about life, and this is something that Josephine does well. Both teach lessons, and even when you may lose to another, doesn't mean you've really lost. Pick up the pieces and try again." - Samuel 'Old Ironsides' Johnson
  • "Sure. She's a Fannon. I guess that makes about as much sense as anything else these days..." - Maeve of the Painted Heart
  • "If I hadn't have run into her when I did , who knows what might have happened . When the spirits speak so loud and so long, I forget all other things . At least I know that she and the other woman will be there to catch me. I hope, some day, to return the favor." - Sylvi Anker
  • "Well, alright then." - Mama
  • "I'm so glad I stopped by to visit her. I forgot how much I enjoyed time with her. At least I know I can come back and visit the local Sept as well." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "She's gonna be your maid of honor? Okay, as long as she can put up with Carlos.... she can keep him on his toes? Well, that's good enough for me. She's okay in my book." - Artemis
  • "Wow, "Thundercat" great new Deed name" - Cedrick Fannon
  • "Thought she was just a raw-raw kinda girl, but you know, with her nose to the books. But then to see Thundah Cat strike? Whew....Glad I'm on her good side." - Spitballer
  • "Grrr Awoooo" - Boar Slayer
  • "It was great of you to stand in for me, I know I can depend on you. Unlike other members of the Sept, with small minds and long Lineages" Cedrick Fannon
  • "As long as Priscilla and Jo are friends she has my teeth at her disposal if the wolves need biting." Razortooth, the Undying
  • "Sister Lion is friend of Summer-Snow and good warrior of Gaia. Anyone who disagrees can fight me." Summer-Snow
  • "There is a certain... rough charm about her, I much appreciate my ability to call her an ally. If fortune favors me, one day I may get to call her my friend." - Thyra Laskaris
  • "I swear I wasn't TRYING to piss anyone off! Thanks for being my maid of honor. ❤" - Ember Fannon
  • "A truly magnificent warrior to have at my side. Not just powerful, but considered. She thinks before she acts, and then acts with conviction. It was a joy and pleasure to fight at her side." Anna Marston
  • "Her name is well-earned. Though, if her Deed Name was 'Gaia's Artillery', it still would have been appropriate." - Anton Guards-The-Door' Rourke
  • "We should not have needed bodyguards on that day, but I met her when she was serving the bride in this way. But she also delighted the bride when celebration was most crucial for our mutual defense. That she managed both defenses--of the body and of the heart--earned her my admiration." - Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat
  • "Jo is a testament to resilience. She prospers amidst an environment of relentless indifference and outright hostility. She chooses to do her work surrounded by hard line conservatives and for that, she should be lauded." - Sir Baihu ap Beaumayn The White Fox, Painkiller, The Death Cure, He that has known Age. 9 Tail of the House of One Thousand Contented Sighs, Hero of the Garou Nation
  • "Being able to have fun is one of the most important things there is. She gets it." - Smooth Operator
  • "A true gem if there ever was one. Jo's the only one out of her crew that's got actual real redeeming qualities too, so that helps. I know you follow my Instagram babe, keep doing it, you're in for a treat" -Alexander Morningkill
  • "She has a heart of gold and she can kick my ass. What more could you want in a person?" - Dennis
  • "Lost a fight to a Garou. Just sayin......." - That Asshole
  • “Ain’t much at the Wayward Caern.....Just sayin it’s easy to find. Nothing less.” That Asshole
  • “She’s a Fera. That is Alpha of a Garou Sept that within the Nation. Unless I’m mistaken.” That Asshole
  • "She's a good fighter, definitely sure I saw some of her crew and possibly her in that unintended trip to Malfeas. Definitely would fight at her side again." - Damage Control
  • "Jo's one of the better Simba I know. She's fiercely protective of the ones she loves, and is a competent leader because of that. It's a shame that both of us can't travel to talk more with the other than over Facebook most months." - Fatima Al-Faroush
  • "I'm not sure how she's managed to bind together such a diverse and sizable pack of Gaians, but it certainly speaks to her skill as a leader." - Daniel McNiven-O'Mannion
  • "When Claws of Fenris Might told me she finally found a pack I was glad to hear it. Then she told me the name and the concept of the pack and I admit I was judgmental. Seeing their pack leader lead them in battle however made me open my mind. I am still not a fan of the concept but one can not deny Jo "Thundercat" Trevino's skill at arms and her ability to lead. Judge not this pack by it's name. Well done!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg
  • "Someone I would not mind having at my back to fight side by side with. She knows what she is doing and damn good at it." Art O'Mannion
  • "I wonder if she ever got to talk to Valka while at the wedding. I may have to ask her about that." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "I worked with her in our assault against the hive. She commanded us to all come home safely. How could I do anything short of what the alpha of my war pack commanded? She's a great leader, and I would follow her again." Tenacious Spirit
  • "I often hear tale of her ferocity in combat. I believe I am fortunate in having witnessed her keeping a cool head." Alex Drake
  • "Leads and follows. An unsparing tongue. I like this one." 'Spector
  • "A kick ass MFR that I'd follow into battle in a heartbeat. She is as wise as she is strong in claw and tooth." Coup de Grace
  • "Once more into Battle with this Bastet. Let's see what comes of this battle shall we?" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg

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