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Name: Joanna Barcroft
Aliases: Joey
Clan: Ravnos
Bloodline: Brahma
Apparent Age: 25
Current Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Position: None


Joey doesn't show much of her Brahma Bloodline, other than the tilaka on her forehead. Being of small build you might miss her in a crowd. However, with her hair pulled back showing a tell tale tilaka, her eyes dressed in charcoal or ash, and sporting a wide array of tattoos, wearing a nice older style vest, loose button up shirt, and modern jeans won't keep her hidden for long. Joey is also known for having a wide collection of hats, and has never been seen without her blood stained pocket watch.

Ravnos Symbol.png

Cam PC

Player: Jennifer Cole
Clan: Ravnos
Bloodline: Brahma
Sect: Unaligned
Domain: A Taste of Evil

IC & OOC Email: Joey Barcroft


Character Information



Joey is a curious creature, free spirited with a boyish nature. You could say she is a young Indiana Jones, meets The Librarian, with a dash of The Mummy, with a slight gangster mentality. Be careful though, she and her partner are known for splitting at the most inconvenient times for "High Tea", sharing your best kept secrets, telling the exact opposite of a lie, and acquiring items, which may be "yours", they deem fit belong in a museum.

However, it is quite noticeable she is on a Path, and she and her partner have no issues explaining it to you if you ever ask.


Born in London England in 1937, Joey traveled with her parents throughout much of India, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. Her parents worked for the British Museum, and throughout their travels she eventually learned enough to become fluent in many ancient languages.

Soon Britain began pulling out or transferring lands over to other territories, and much of what was in many of the local and British museums was being redistributed. However, much of the artifacts where not going back to the local people they came from, whom Joey's parents sympathized with. There begins a new adventure.

As British territories shifted, Joey and her parents worked with the black market to reacquire many relics and artifacts to redistribute to their rightful owners. On one mission, however, Joey's parents disappear. Fearing they had been found out by the authorities Joey leaves out for a set of underground tombs they designated a safe house for just that sort of thing. Her parents never showed up, and she never found them.

Joey headed back out on her own and continued where she left off, with odd side jobs translating and transcribing on contract. On one odd job she hears of a stolen manuscript back in the Punjab Region where she last saw her parents. She goes there, and is met by Fadi Ka and his crew. She is told if she can transcribe the manuscripts she will be rewarded. If not, she will met her end. Not wanting to die, Joey happily transcribed the manuscript, and is indeed rewarded. The reward was not as she had imagined, however.

Joey now works with her partner, Archer, on investigations, translations, acquisitions, and any other odd job that involves finding, gaining, and sharing information. You could call it information brokering. Lucky for you, there is no need for money, for Joey and her partner don't deal in such pointless things. However, if you want information you must be willing to give information in exchange. And if they happen to find any information on you, they'll be more than happy to share that too...With anyone who wants it...


  • Born 1937 London, England
  • Mortal 1937-1940 Travels with parents throughout British occupied territories
  • 1945-1950 Lahore, Punjab (Lahore Museum)
  • 1947- Joey, and her parents, unknowingly smuggled a vampire into Hong Kong
  • 1950-1960 Travels alone throughout British occupied, and previously occupied territories (Museums and ancient digs)
  • 1960 Punjab region
  • 1962 ish Embraced by an Indian Brahma, Fadi Ka

The leader of a grave robbing Coterie & Professor at Hans Raj College in New Delhi

  • 1965-1974 Has a falling out with her Sire, and travels alone throughout British occupied, and previously occupied territories (Museums and ancient digs)
  • 1974 Lahore, Punjab (Lahore Museum) Meets a newly Embraced Scotsman named "The Archer"
  • 1974-1980 Travels with Archer throughout British occupied, and previously occupied territories (Museums, Libraries, and ancient digs)
  • 1980 Chicago, USA (Chicago Museum)
  • 1980- Wanders the Great Lakes region, heading towards Indiana
  • 1995 Heads to Hong Kong before it is handed over to China to make sure artifacts remain where they belong. Meets Rain, who helps as a translator, and facilitate any acquisitions movements.
  • 1996-Present Indiana, with sporadic movements in and around the Great Lakes Region.
  • 1999-Joey and Archer accidentally wake a Gargoyle during the Week of Madness while trying to kill each other in a Library in Indiana.
  • 2009-2010 Joey and Archer find out about Hobby Lobby smuggling antiquities out of the Middle East, and get involved to stop them. Hobby Lobby some how end up getting caught. What a shame.
  • 2012 Given Territory in Jackson, Michigan

Known Associates




Fallen Friends


  • It's Tea Time!
  • Secrets? We don't have any of those. We do have information though...
  • Sorry, we can't support you. But we can stay out of the way...


  • On a Path? You must be Sabbat...
  • Don't talk to the Ravnos, they'll tell everyone...


  • You will never know a conversation to be both so deeply disturbing and curiously enlightening until you'v heard one between these Ravnos and a Buddhist monk.
  • "According to the Buddha: 'Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.' and following this principle it is of the utmost importance that these items not only go to a museum but one that is free so that all may come and share the wonder of these relics." - Rain


  • Indiana Jones
  • The Librarian
  • The Mummy


  • Avatar- The Eagle Has Landed
  • Kongos- Lunatic
  • PowerWolf- Armata Strigoi
  • Eisbrecher- Volle Kraft Voraus
  • Tengger Cavalry- Die on My Ride
  • Abney Park- Wanderlust
  • Ghost- He Is
  • Khusugtun- Three Toom
  • The Prodigy- Rok-Weiler
  • Altan Urag- Blue Mark

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