Joey Gibbons

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Joey Gibbons

  • Embrace date: 1920
  • Clan: Ventrue
  • House: Gens Aquila
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Sect Position: Prince of Houston, Texas, Primogen
  • Status: Authority, Sovereign, Commander Favored, Noble, Confirmed
  • Clan Position: Lictor to Executive Irma Kardoș (Ventrue Only)
  • Dignitas: Commendable (Ventrue Only)
  • Current Location: Houston, Texas
  • ST Point of Contact: Houston VST
  • Player Contact: Adam T

General Information


Joey arrived in Houston, Texas in the Spring of 2018. He is a young Ancilla Ventrue looking to move up in Kindred society. He is known for his superior persuasion and negotiation skills, and does whatever he can to get the best deal. Skilled in working with the mortal populace, it is rumored that he also works in repairing Masquerade breaches, though to advertise such mean that his clients had ever violated the Tradition in the first place. That just wouldn't be good for business.

Joey freely admits that the easiest way to survive the Jyhad is to find an Elder to, "Hitch your wagon to." For that reason, he does what he can to embrace the society of the Camarilla for what it is. Joey elevates those in power to ensure his own survival and the survival of those close to him.

This Ventrue has also been known to have a keen ability to acquire rare and unusual objects, selling them to the more mystical Clans at a profit. Doing so has allowed Joey to amass a large personal wealth worthy of the blood of Kings that runs through his veins.


  • "Mister Gibbons did not require the self-aggrandizing fanfare most Kindred desire when they arrive in my city. He conducts his nightly business with much the same quiet sophistication. That is until he needs to make a well-timed statement, at which point he can command the attention of an entire room." Irma Kardoș
  • "You have some pretty big shoes to fill, don't disappoint." Payback
  • "Leave a quote!" Your Name here


  • Ryan Bingham, Up in the Air
"People do crazy shit when they get fired."
"You have an opportunity."
  • Danny Ocean, Ocean's Eleven
"And then you take the house."
"The Plan"
  • Rusty Ryan, Ocean's Eleven
"Booby Trap"
"Benedict gets Duped"
  • Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino
"Cheater's Justice"