John Francis Carlisle

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Commonly Known Information

Name: John Francis Carlisle

Current Pseudonym Frank Carlysle

Notable Traits: Ambitious, Dutiful, Inquisitive, Innovative

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Brujah

Progeniture: Ancilla

Court Position: Seneschal of the Little Rock Domain


  • Abiding
    • Acknowledged
    • Confirmed
    • Noble
  • Fleeting
    • Favored by the Luminary Elder Carden D'Vergobret of Clan Brujah
    • Favored by the Luminary Elder Sebastian Abramcyzk of Clan Tremere
    • Favored by the Luminary Elder Gaius of Clan Ventrue
    • Victorious by the Elder Stanislau of Clan Nosferatu
    • Victorious by the Elder Sala Michik of Clan Tremere


John was Embraced in France around the beginning of the twentieth century. To learn the proper etiquette of the Tower his sire dragged him from court to court across the Continent. They began with small back water court including the occasional Puppet Princedom. As his proficiency with the manners of the Camarilla grew, so did the size of the Courts that he and his sire would visit. And before long, he was released from the Accounting and gained his Acknowledgement around 1920.

For the next fifteen years John tried to find a Court to call home. This search was ultimately futile though. With the war machine starting to waken he decided that it was time to flee to America and try again there. Where he wandered for almost half a century before settling in Little Rock, Arkansas where he has been a member in good standing ever since.


  • During the Battle of Barton Coliseum Frank fought an elder Tzimisce to a stand still, but was unable to gain the kill.
  • Johnny was at one point or another on the verge of becoming Keeper of the Elysium and Senechal under Prince Gideon Haven but was never named to either of those positions. It's only now, under Prince Saddiq that he's been given the position of Seneschal.
  • Even though Jack's a relatively obscure Brujah from a particularly backwater Court, it's been said that he has some very influential friends.
  • John was heard to exclaim "Amen!" at one of the Reverend's proclamations. One wonders what his stance on religion really is?

OOC Information

Player: Tony Sampaio

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Storyteller: Damon Edwards

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