John Pagan

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Close your eyes and you draw one more day to a close, You choose to be alone. You float through your life as a ghost
And everything heals given time, and everything dies given time, and the scars run together, mixing the nerves with the blood,
And the soldiers light houses on fire and they burn down, and all your belongings turn to dirt in the ground
When your heart’s deep and dark as a well and everything that’s golden and green
Goes to hell
-The Builders and the Butchers, "Golden and Green"


Life and Unlife, General Record

- Winter of 1479: Witnesses the Burning of the Flagellants at Fulda
- 1497 Named Vicar-Inquisitor Personal Prelate
- 1600 Rumored to be agent of House and Clan among the mortal Inquisition
- 1606 Reportedly in Basque, silently at fringe of divisive issues regarding the Burnings
- 1610 Embrace in Vienna
- 1630-57 Prague, per Harpy reports that mention him in trivial boon affairs
- 1660s rumored to hunt fae in the Black Forest
- 1684 Trivial announcement that he will oversee House and Clan petty affairs in borough of Virginia colonies
- 1685 Granted acknowledgement in the British Colony of Virginia
- 1745 Rumored to be investigating native peoples' legends, mythos
- 1840 Expedition to Mammoth Cave
- 1850 Announced that House and Clan has further established its presence in Virginia


- "In my experience, Mr. Pagan is a reliable source for ruinous knowledge." - Dr. Graves
- "He does know a thing or two about witches." Anaïs Palomer


- He has some connection to a series of ritualistic murders in Richmond in the late 1920s.
- In retaliation for his hunting of their kind, the fae took his dreams away. Now he is obsessed with lifting their curse.
- Add another rumor
Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Roanoke, VA
Player: Roger A
Storyteller: Sarah H

Name: John Pagan
Status: Confirmed, Established, Privileged
Standing: Elder