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Commonly Known Information

Name: John Smith


Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere


John was born mid 18th Century to two caring parents and lived a relatively normal Colonial American childhood. John would eventual leave for NYC, to apprentice to a gunsmith, set up his own shop and prosper. John would remain in New York until a tragic house fire claimed the life of his elder brother and his family and left John's father severly injured with burns. When the American Civil War started John sided with the Loyalists creating an irreparable rift between Father and Son. John's father would succumb from his injuries several years into the war, claiming John a traitor to all who would listen.

Having chosen the losing side John found he could no longer stay in America due to persecution. The British promised a new beginning and having no other choice John found himself sailing with the Spring fleet of 1783 to the hinterlands of British North America. John and his fellow loyalists would carve a new life for themselves from this wild frontier. In under two years Saint John, NB would be rewarded for its efforts by becoming Canada's oldest Incorporated City. In the same year, on a trip to Montreal for supplies John would be embraced into the night.

John would spend a decade under the care of his Sire and Grandsire. Upon his release John returned home to Saint John, where the next two centuries would see him diligently persevere within a city rampant with Lupines. The Kindred population would rise and fall over this time as some fell to the claws of the Werewolves and others fled in fear. The tide shifted, however in 2009 when Hunters swarmed the city purging it of the loup-Garou. With the absence of the Lupines New vampires entered the City each hoping to claim its power vacuum for themselves. With John's help Elder Mason claimed praxis and a new era for the City has begun. Only the future can tell if John will prosper or fall. No matter what, however John will remain a United Empire Loyalist and will remain present within the city until it falls or he does.


  • John cannot cast magic but has a knack for removing curses.
  • John Smith is not John's real name. It is a pseudonym to obscure his past.
  • Destructive runes are scattered throughout the city which are tied to John's life force. Should John die the City will fall with him.
  • John has never left the city for any length of time and has remained one of its staunchest defenders.

OOC Information

Player: Chris Wilson

Player Email:

Storyteller: Vanessa Klohn

Storyteller Email:

Location: Saint John, NB Canada