John Smith(Apocalypse)

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: John "Leftovers" Smith

Notable Traits: Doesn't appear on electronic devices, possesses a large number of Fetishes



Sept: Sept of Hope and Harsh Truths


John was the product of a Black Fury and a Red Talon, captured, drugged, and experimented on by Pentex. After they were freed, they discovered what had happened. As punishment, rather than waste their usefulness on a simple execution, they were ordered on a suicide mission. While they did die on the mission, and the mission was not completed, they had done so much damage that Pentex's activities were set back for decades. When he became old enough to learn the truth, he determined that the lack of trust in the Weaver, ignorance of it, was the cause of this suffering. So he chose to align himself deeply, on a spiritual level, to the Weaver. His previous pack was killed in an ambush, a trap created by vampires, which they believed they had turned into a trap for the vampires, but which the vampires had anticipated, and created as a lure for a more insidious trap. In shame, he discarded his previous Deed Name, and took up the Name Leftovers, as the leftover piece of his pack.


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  • '"I only just met him, but one thing I can say about Leftovers is that he can sling lightning like Thor himself. I am a tad envious." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke

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