John Thurloe

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Commonly Known Information

Name: John Thurloe

Aliases Robert McCall

Notable Traits: A man in his early 30's with a slightly looking receeding hairline. He has a stare that belies his apparent age and

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue





Favored by Cyrus Eddington


John Thurloe was embraced sometime during the French Revolution and spent much of the 19th century in the thick of revolutionary movements and travelling on behalf of various patrons and Ventrue. An expert safe cracker and safe maker. He is often known for making safes with a key only in his memory so that cargo can travel without being opened.

Abandoning the revolutions of the 19th century he changed his job title to adventurer and even tomb raider. Finding things for people that are lost.

Quotes (from others)

  • If more so-called 'Kings' were like him I would deal with their clan far more often. He's reliable and self-sufficient and knows the value of keeping a secret safe. The Elders would be wise to keep their eye on this one. Cyrus Eddington


  • He has recently given up his wandering to come to the city of Hamilton, recently reclaimed from false Sabbat. He has taken on the position of Chief of Staff to the Ventrue manager there.
  • Supposedly on the short list for Lictor.
  • Has an uncanny ability to find things that people have lost.
  • An expert linguist, something picked up from his numerous travels.
  • Supposedly survived Bangladesh.
  • Recently acquired something big for the Settites. Got paid quite handsomely for it.

OOC Information

Player: David March

Player Email:

Storyteller: Leanne White

Storyteller Email:

Location: Hamilton, ON