Johnathan "Johnny" Sinclair

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Name: Johnathan "Johnny" Sinclair

Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade, Frosted tips, beautiful singing voice

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador


In 1995, five young men took the world by storm, stealing the hearts of teen girls the world over with their original style and amazing harmonics. Inharmony was a world wide phenomenon with more Billboard number 1's than anyone else at the time. Greg, Aaron, Daniel, and Lucky revealed in the chaos created by their fans when they went out. Then there was Johnny, the musical genius that wrote all the chart toppers, and used his vocal talents to cover the weaknesses of the other 4, but never seemed to get the recognition he deserved.

In 2001 the group broke up after Greg the front man for the group decided that he was only being held back and left to pursue a solo career. Johnny felt that since he was the most talented in the group he would strike out on his own too, but never having the same recognition as Greg simply made a comfortable living in the industry as a songwriter, penning a number of the most popular chart toppers in several different genres.

In 2006 after becoming a talented background player in the music business and a main stay at open mic nights all over LA he was approached by the "Producer" that would soon become his sire, an anarch Toreador who recognized his talent and appreciated his art. His sire spent time wooing him both romantically and artistically until finally a year later Johnny Sinclair was embraced into the Toreador clan with the promise of reaching new heights in his art. Johnny chaffed under the rule of his sire, gone was the gentle loving caress of the person that helped him to experience things he had only dreamed of, replaced by the cold calculating callousness of a monster seeking to claim ownership of his talent. Leaving LA, Johnny ran to San Francisco to hide, and with the help of Elder Madeleine Tonnerre escaped San Francisco. After making a quite living in Las Vegas his sire found him again and so Johnny took drastic measures he hired an Assamite to smuggle him out and somewhere unknown to Johnny. Taking the contract, the smuggler staked Johnny and dropped him off in Austin Texas in 2009.

Johnny joined the Camarilla with the help of an Elder Assamite, Kosto Raav, and is now the onwer of a small, upscale nightclub, with the support from a few 3rd party backers.


  • Acknowledged
  • Gallant


  • Johnny doesn't do anything for free, if you don't plan on paying for his services don't expect to receive them.
  • I hear he was in a multinationally successful "band." And yet, I've never heard anything that would cause me to recognize it.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Johnny has many talents; most Toreador do. But it's the ones they don't advertise that are often their best work. - Simon Flint "
  • "He's a smarter kid than he lets on. I wonder how many folks have figured that out yet." - Clint
  • "Young Johnny is undoubtedly earnest and stout of heart. I wonder, though, when he will learn that one must sometimes place oneself in debt in order to increase ones profile. For one so young, he is filled with an ill-disguised brashness that does not- at this time- leverage his strengths." - Felix Winchester
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Player: Robert Shenk US2014120062

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Storyteller: Nick Kice

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Location: Austin, TX