Johnny Bellamy

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"Awww... Don't say that... Yea, you're totally a failure but don't say it cuz it's killing my mood."
- Johnny Bellamy, "consoling" someone
On the Skin
Name:Johnny Bellamy (born as who gives a shit)
Clan:Crusader Ventrue
Positions:Archbishop of Hawaii
Ductus of Ultima Ratio Regum
Pack:Ultima Ratio Regum
  • Initiated into the Sabbat
  • Authority, Glorious, Ordained
  • Battle-Scarred, Courteous, Courageous, Loyal


Johnny is a contradiction of assumptions. If you think this Crusader Ventrue of the Ultra Conservative Faction on Path of Honorable Accord would be stoic, stuffy, reserved, you'd be patently wrong. High femme sociopath, homicidal maniac, a giggling murderer: all phrases to describe the faux boisterous, predatory, cruel Cainite.

A fixer of problems, he exemplifies the rumors of Crusader cruelty, finding any and all opportunities to handle things as bloodily as possible.

"I learned from the best."
- Johnny Bellamy, on his methodology
Cutting In
Notable Traits
  • Follower of the Path of Honorable Accord
  • Executioner of the Sword
  • Eerie Presence - Smell of Blood
  • Very versed in controlling mortals

When the world was supposed to be a dystopian world of control and Big Brother, he was hitting the punk bars of the East Coast. It was there he became the prey for something greater; an amusing snack to be chased. And a mouse can be a threat to the cats if backed into a corner. But even still, he was no match, no matter how much blood he drew before being dropped, although his final moments did earn him the amusement of the embrace.

From there it was a spiral into the Sabbat, inhumanity, and cruelty. That mortal Pennsylvanian boy died that night in 84, and every night after until only Bellamy was left. And Johnny Bellamy is no mouse.

  • 1984 CE : Embraced.
  • 1985-2010 CE : Some real fucked up shit.
  • 2018 CE : Is deployed to Hawaii.
  • 2018 CE : Becomes Archbishop of Hawaii.
"How about we see who can get the most bodies?"
- Johnny Bellamy on ideas for a Game of Instinct
Tongues and Ears
  • [[]], xxx.

I am always interested in in-character ties. Bellamy loves friends and victims alike.

  • His favorite form of torment is to burn people at the stake.
  • Add your own rumor here...
  • "I tried to teach him subtlety and nuance, but I suppose sheer viciousness is a decent substitute. It's only a Ventrue, after all. We take what we can get it... Well, you all do, at least. I have standards." - Pierce Cross
  • "Where Corin and Lisette embody the best of what we can be, Mssr. Bellamy embodies the worst aspects of Crusader urges and desires... An issue that I will happily rectify once these Accords have fallen." - Octavien Giroux de Lesparre
  • "This makes two Ultracons who are actually worth my time, and who can actually take a fucking joke. Helps that's he's good looking too." - Mordechai
  • "I would happily savor him like a fine wine...wait that is not precisely what I meant ." - Julia Leblanc
  • "This guy's alright. He knows how to get a good deal done. We traded a couple nights of jetlag for re-capturing a city and taking home some sweet swag." - Anthony Bologna
  • "Bellamy? He was organized and competent. Can't ask for more really... I'd recommend his company to others." - Daniella Redding
  • "Ahh, I have a fondness for this one. There is much potential in his malice, so much raw vision that could be crafted. He is an artist in waiting of the proper teacher. With my technique his killings will bloom into symphonies of tyranny! The deathrattles will be his applause." - Roy Sariff
  • "Greedy. Driven. Irreverent. Too transparent to make a decent test subject, but at least that's *one* Archbishop I can work alongside with expectations of proper results. A good egg to crack, that Bel Ami." - The Basilisk
  • “I ain’t going to pretend we see eye to eye, but the man gets things done when he’s not too busy running his mouth; and he’s willing to do what the sword needs, even when it ain’t likely to be a fun job for him. I’m sure we will be working together more in the future.” Serenity Crane
"I'm the motherfucking Beethoven of pulling screams from mortals like a fuck mothering concerto."
- Johnny Bellamy
Eyes and Throat

"I look forward to consuming you, body and soul."
- Send off on all communications to a Camarilla Elder